importance of keyword in SEO

What is the Importance of Keyword in SEO?


Hey Guys, we are always thinking about Keywords when we are writing any post. But Now in this post, I’ll explain to you why is keyword concerning to us? How much it matters? What is the importance of keyword in SEO?

importance of keyword in SEO


Importance of Keyword in SEO

First, we need to understand completely about keywords. Actually, who are they? Why they matter more for any blogger. Google or any search engine like Bing, Yahoo they provide us with a better result based on keywords. When a user who search anything on Google he/she type a specific keyword for there query not the whole matter.

Google only pick up those keywords or words from our article to show data to his/her based on the quality of that post, backlinks, Domain Authority of that website and other so many things. But in this post, we’ll only talk about keywords, not others things.

Now hope you have an idea what role keyword is playing in this whole scenario. If you have chosen right keyword which most people search for that particular query then you will get an advantage. This is the main importance of keyword in SEO.

How to Use Keywords to Rank?

Now this question is also asked by many users. They know all about keywords what they do? how much it important? But still, they are unable to use those tricks or knowledge to rank in search engine. If you are a newbie in this passion of blogging then you’ll not have a complete knowledge of the importance of keyword in SEO.

importance of keyword in SEO

You must know about the keyword tips, keyword research, types of keyword, keyword SEO. First, you have to pick up a right keyword for your content on which you are going to write a post. Once you have picked a right keyword for your post then write a quality content including that keyword in specific keyword density.

You also must use a similar type of keyword which approximately means to your targeted keyword. These types of a keyword which almost have same meaning we called them latent Semantic keywords. You must use them too. It’s not only limited to a single targeted keyword you can use more than one targeted keyword in your post.

But I’ll recommend you please do not use more than 3 targeted keywords in your post. Because this will rise confusion in Google bots which will definitely affect your ranking in search engine. Your webpage ranking is directly proportional to how much effort you put on the importance of keyword in SEO.

Keyword as a Ranking factor

Now you have to know that keyword is most important thing for a blogger who writes blogs. Because without keyword focusing no one can rank in search engine. Now a question comes to use which type of keyword we should select. A keyword which has high search volume or keyword which has high CPC.

Because when it comes to a career in blogging then you also have to care about how much you will earn from this career. Now let me clear your confusion you have to choose both of them in the right proportion. You have seen that most of the keywords who have high CPC have low search volume.

This cause a problem of ranking for us. A keyword who has low CPC but it’ll have high search volume. Now at a time, we have to earn more and reach to more people then, in this case, we select a keyword who have high CPC as well as high search volume.

Now I think you have an idea what is the importance of keyword in SEO.I’ll provides you with some keyword tips which will help you to select right keyword for your blog.

Selection of Right keyword

There are two types of keyword long tail keyword and short tail keyword. If you take a dive in detail of both of them then you’ll find both are important for us. But in case of ranking bloggers prefer to go for a long tail keyword. There are many tools available to find long tail keyword.

Long tail keyword secures your webpage ranking in that specific keyword search. Long tail keywords also make your webpage to rank in the search engine without any competition.


Now come to the conclusion we have learnt about the keyword, How to use them, which one should select, and finally, we know that what is the importance of keyword in SEO. I have provided you keyword tips. I think I’ve cleared all questions about the keywords.

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