important aspects of seo

Important Aspects of SEO


We’re always talking about SEO. When we’re doing SEO for our website we keep many things in mind but forget some things. Which things you have to keep in mind and which not we’ll discuss. In this post, I’ll only talk about most important aspects of SEO.

important aspects of seo

Important Aspects of SEO

There’re many things come in SEO. We’ve to consider lots of things if we really wanted to rank in the search engine. It’s not possible to optimize our website well according to search engine we definitely lose a point. Now I’ll discuss which things we have to keep in mind. You can say key components of SEO.

1) Page Speed or Web Speed

I’ve discussed many times about page speed or web speed. Because this factor matters to the ranking of your website in the search engine. Google provides the first page of search engine those websites who have high-quality content as well as the high speed of loading on the Google.

You can use Page Insight of Google which will help you to know more about your website in terms of web speed or page speed on the Google.

If you’ve high-quality content on your website but you don’t high speed on the Google. Then you’ll never rank in the search engine. I’ve counted this as the important aspect of SEO because many websites have great content but never rank in the search engine.

2) Selection of keyword

In my previous post, I’ve discussed the importance of keyword in SEO. But if you’re going to long tail keywords but still not rank in search engine. Then where have done the mistake? Let me tell your mistake. There could be two possible mistakes one you have low page authority or domain authority and the second one is you’ve chosen a right keyword in the wrong manner.

important aspects of seo

You can read about domain authority through an above-given link. But let me explain you the second part of it. It may happen that your website relates to regional business. For your website, you have to mention that your region in that keyword.

For example, you have a website of a bakery. You write a post which is about delicious cakes of your bakery than in keyword you have to mention that your bakery is India or somewhere in other countries. Because just put a keyword like “So&So delicious cake” will not help you to rank in the search engine because you want to grow in your region, not in the whole world.

You’ve to used keyword like “So&So delicious cake in India” this keyword helps you to rank. This will helps to make your keyword more specific as well as the long tail which helps you to rank in the search engine. This is the reason behind why the selection of keyword is important aspects of SEO.

3) Web Attraction For Visitors

I know you’re thinking is this component really matters? Then answer your question is “Yes”. This is also an important component in SEO. You can say this is a key component in SEO. The bounce rate, hope you all clear about this term. Now let me tell you the importance of bounce rate in the ranking.

important aspects of seo

All the website in the world looks same on the Google except there URL, meta description. Websites differ from each other when we click on it. You can only reduce your website bounce rate if your written component was great or your website look.

You can attract people by writing attractive content in the meta description. Because meta description matters. If you want user stay on your website for 4 to 5 minutes does not click back to increase your bounce rate. Then you’ve to use the good theme, nice images and important make short paragraphs.

4) Write Awesome Content

I’ll not go in deep of this component because the heading says all things about this component. If you write a great component then surely you’ll rank in the search engine. But keep one thing in the mind this is one of the very important aspects of SEO.

You write any content for your users, not for Google or to impress Google. So keep in the mind do not compromise the quality of the component with ranking.

5) Make Content Mobile Friendly

If you’ll ask most important aspect of the important aspects of SEO. Then my answer will this topic. Because soon Google will rank only those website’s which will mobile friendly. Google thinks mobile is future. Google always provide you result in a fast and good way.

So make your website mobile friendly so that you’ll not lose your rank in the Google search engine. This is one of the very important aspect of all important aspects of SEO. You can check your website is mobile friendly or not here.


You’ve to keep all above points in your mind if you really want to rank in the search engine. In above some of related to technical SEO and other related to basic SEO. If you have ambiguity in your mind then let me know in the comment section.

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