The Most Important Ranking factors in 2018

It’s very important for us to know what is important or what not. So in this post, I’ll try to give you a complete information about which factors are important to us. If we talk about website ranking in the search engine then it’s not all over about SEO. You’ll get an idea about the most important ranking factors in 2018.

important ranking factors in 2018

Important Ranking Factors in 2018

In my previous post, I’ve explained to you important aspects of SEO. In which I’ve given full information about on which things we’ve to concentrate more. But let me tell you one secret thing to rank in the search engine is not all about SEO. We’ve to take some technical aspects also into an account to rank properly in the search engine.

I’ve written a post in which I explained to you what are the factors affecting Page ranking? In that post, I’ve only considered SEO factors, not other technical factors which are also important for ranking. There are many things. But I’ll target only important things.


This is a very important ranking factor for your website. If your content is great and useful for users then no one can stop you to rank in the search engine. Because Google first read your content according to your keywords Google provides you place in the search engine.

If your Content can overcome many difficulties of users for single doubt then Google will provide you first rank in the search engine. So try to make your content much useful so that your post will be able to overcome many difficulties of users.

You can make your post much relevant by linking either it’s internal linking or outbound linking. There is a post on my website which will help you to understand How linking can affect your ranking? That’s why content comes in most important ranking factors in 2018.

Users Experience(UX)

We’re always thinking that SEO plays important role in the ranking. But it’s an incomplete truth. Most of the people think if they become an SEO expert or take an advice of SEO expert then their website start to rank in search engine. If you think like this then please forget the dream of ranking in the search engine.

important ranking factors in 2018

Because without providing a good content to your users if your tricks to rank in search engine then it’ll work for a while it will be not for permanent. So you have to take care of user experience. A good user experience is likely to reduce your bounce rate which will imply to a higher ranking in the search engine.

Links to Your website

I think this part you know better. Because it is related to backlinks. As there are many good high-quality backlinks to your website the chance to rank in the search engine will be more. If you get links from any Government or Educational website then your backlink bone of your website will become much stronger.

There are many posts, on my website about backlink you can refer them too. The links to those posts have given below.

Mobile Friendly Websites

A website to be mobile friendly comes under important ranking factors in 2018. In my previous post, I’ve explained to you it is an important aspect of SEO also. In future, it doesn’t matter if your website has a great content or not it should be mobile friendly.

important ranking factors in 2018

Because Google thinks mobile is future. You can check here is your website mobile friendly or not? Check here.

The above all Google ranking factors 2018 will helps you to rank in the search engine. I’ve covered all the important ranking factors in 2018. You must have to concentrate on mobile-friendly topic and content because these two are more important than others.

If you’ve ambiguity in your mind related to this post then let me know in the comment section so that I can clear your doubt. If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends.



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