increase jio internet speed

Increase Jio Internet Speed, Download Speed, Upload Speed

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Reliance Jio 4G this is India’s one of the most popular telecom industry. Jio has changed the telecom industry in India. This company has provided the internet at a very cheaper rate than any other companies. But due to some technical issues, we don’t get a 4G speed of the internet. In this article, you will learn “How to increase Jio internet speed? Like download and upload speed”.

increase jio internet speed

Increase Jio Internet Speed, Download and Upload Speed

Reliance Jio 4G this company has been a good telecom company in case of providing internet at a cheaper price. When this company had entered the market it had been providing free internet to its users for 6 months. At that time the speed was too good.

But in past days Okla has reported that the internet speed of Jio has been decreasing since past months. I know Reliance Jio should give priority to this problem. But we are the users how to deal with this problem until it gets resolved.

So in this article, I will tell you 4 ways or methods to deal with this problem or in other words, you can say you can increase Jio internet speed in your mobile. So let’s have a look at those methods. I hope you will surely love those methods.

Ways To Increase Jio Internet Speed

We want to increase Jio internet speed means we want to increase Jio download speed in mobile. So here are some of the best ways to increase Jio 4G internet speed in the phone.

Here I am going to share with you an Android Application which will help you to Jio 4G internet Speed. The name of that android application is “ADM” hope you have listened to the name of the application. If you no then no matter here we will discuss briefly this app.

Increase Jio internet Speed using ADM:

If your main intention is to increase Jio 4G download speed then you must have to stick to this android application. If you have used IDM (Internet Download Manager) on your PC then you must be aware of this ADM (Advance Download Manager).

What does IDM do? This software on PC download files in pieces similarly ADM also download files on phone in pieces. Now, what is an advantage of downloading files in pieces? When you download any file in pieces then automatically internet speed for that file.

increase jio 4g internet speed

Because it is easy to download files in pieces than downloading the complete file. So hope you get idea How does ADM work? Yes, Now you must use this app because it increases Jio 4G download speed. ADM also has inbuilt browser facility so you can directly download files from here.

You can also copy URL of any site and paste here these are the tricks which you should in order to increase Jio internet speed.

Increase Jio Internet Speed Using Internet Booster & Optimizer:

Now you will say “How is it possible for an app to increase internet speed?” but let me tell you it’s true an android or any software can not increase your mobile internet speed. But this application can increase your Jio 4G internet speed. Let’s know how?

When we are using our mobile phone on internet connection so many things are there who acquire internet speed. And there are also some other things who deduct internet speed in order to function. But those applications are not necessary for us.

So what does this app do is, it stops those applications who deduct your original internet speed and tries to provide you higher and original speed. So now you get how this application can increase your Jio 4G internet speed? If yes then you must try this application at least once.

increase your jio 4g internet speed

Now consider one example, Suppose you are getting a speed of 5 MB/s from your internet provider due to some other functions which are working in your phone you will get final speed as 3.5 MB/s. But if you are using this app then you will get an around a speed of 4 MB/s.

This app also can not stop all apps to use the internet. It stops only those apps which are unnecessary for your phone. So hope you understand how this app is working. Use this app to increase Jio internet speed.

Increase Jio 4G internet Speed Using Speedify:

Actually, this is a VPN app. Yes, this is a VPN app it increases your internet speed nonetheless. What does this app do is simply it increases the bandwidth of your internet connection just by removing obstacle present in the connection.

how to increase jio 4g speed

The actual technology behind this app is very confusing. Just so you know it increases internet speed. You just need is to install this application and browse on it. But if you don’t want to use this app but still want to increase Jio 4G internet speed then you must read the below article,

You can download Speedify. I think you must try this app if you don’t like it then go to the below-given methods.

You can Increase Jio Internet Speed Using VPN’s:

Here I am going to discuss some of the best VPN for Jio 4G. These VPN helps you to browse safely as well as it increases your internet speed. So here we go,

Let me tell you these VPN apps are free and trustworthy you can suffer on these VPN’s without any doubt. It really increases Jio 4G internet speed. Let’s know their name and other features too.

1) Turbo VPN:

Many of the Jio users already using this app in order to increase their internet speed. It’s free for you and the biggest advantage of using this VPN app is if you are Jio 4G user then you will definitely see the increase in the speed of the internet.

increase jio download speed

If you are not believing me then you must try it. And once you find this VPN app is working perfectly then again come on this site and share every article which you will read here. You can download Turbo VPN here.

2) Betternet:

It is just an alternative to Turbo VPN. If you are a concern related to privacy and fed up with ads then you must try this app. This application provides you with its feature without registering yourself for this VPN.

increase jio 4g download speed using vpn

It automatically connects to the best server present near to your location. You don’t need to choose the best server it will do for you. This will increase your Jio 4G internet speed. You can download Betternet from here.

3) Proton VPN:

This VPN application is Godfather for you. Because this VPN application is one of the fastest VPN application present on the internet. It increases your internet speed not only download but also upload speed of your network. And the best part of this VPN application is it does not only increase the speed of Jio 4G users but also increases the speed of other telecom internet provides.

best vpn to increase jio speed

That’s why it is the fastest VPN on the internet. You must try this VPN app at least once. You can download Proton VPN from here.

Hope you like this article and you will be able to increase your Jio 4G internet speed. If you want to help your other friends to increase their Jio internet speed then please share this article with your friends. And if you have any doubt related to this article then please comment in the comment section.

If you are using some other way to increase your Jio 4G speed then also let me know in the comment section.


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