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How To Increase Organic Search Result For Website?


If you have a website then you will want all types of traffic. But If you see your website getting more & more organic search result. Then I am sure that you will feel better as compare to getting social or other types of traffic. When we are writing any post first thing we do i.e, Keyword Research.

Organic Search Result

Because this keyword helps us to rank in search engine. This keyword will also give us organic search result traffics. But not every website has this good kind of results. You have to do something to increase your organic search result.

How To Increase Organic Search Result For Your Website?

We are always looking for traffic on our website. But if we get traffic in terms of organic result then its too good. When we do keyword research for any post we have only one intention in our brain. By using this keyword I have to rank in search engine.

We also spend lots of money on this keyword research & its tools. According to me one of the best keyword research tool is SEMrush. If you want its alternative then go for Moz Explorer. If you want to read more about these two keyword research tools then refer the following post.

But in this post, I will not suggest any tool name for keyword research. In this post, I will give you a full detail of this organic SEO service. This organic SEO service helps you to increase your organic search result.

Which Kind of Organic SEO Service Should be Used?

Now, let’s take help of an Organic SEO service which can help us to increase our website organic search result. Now let me clear to you an doubt which is related to organic search result traffic. You can very well see your organic searches in Google Analytics.

The tool which will help you to increase your organic search result traffic also use Google Analytics for showing you data which will help you. You can also observe data very well from Google Analytics but the data are shown in Google Analytics in very complex form.

organic search result

You must have to read all data in a simple form so that you can take the best decision for your website so that it will get more organic results. Now let’s know the name of this tool and features.

I have also one more tool which will help you to increase your website performance. You can also refer that tool.

This organic SEO service name is Keyword Hero. To access this tool is very easy. You have to follow only three steps to access it.


1) You have to connect your Google Analytics Account to it.

2) You also have to connect with Google Search Console.

3) If you have Google Account then Connect that Google Account.

organic search result

After that, you will see your data day after tomorrow. This tool also provides you an online chat with his service provider. If you have any difficulty to sign in or any other problem you can chat with them to cure your problem.

How does keyword Hero work?

If you want to use this tool then you have to pay for it. This tool also has a free version of it. This tool shows you data according to pricing. You can check out it on its official website. This tool analyses your whole Google Analytics and shows you a simple data.

You have to analyze that data which will be in very simple form. You can also see your data in a very different form which is called that 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional on that tool. After analyzing your data regarding organic search result you will be able to take the right decision.

You will see why is this post not ranking or why is this post ranking? After you have seen all data regarding keyword of a post. You can easily optimize your post to make it better. Now a question arises that How can we optimize our post? For that, you have referenced the following link. In which I have given total detail.

You can analyze the following things for your website,

  • Which Organic Keywords Ranking?
  • How much organic search traffic you get?
  • Which organic keyword should use?

This is all about Keyword Hero. If you like this tool then you can visit its official website the link is given above. Also if you like this post then share this post with your friends so that they will also know about this post.





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