instagram status download

Instagram Status Download Trick

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We are always want to learn something hack related to the internet. Which I’m going to tell you in this post. We all are aware of Instagram which is most popular image & video sharing application or website on the internet. In this post, I’ll tell you How to download Instagram Status? or Instagram Status download trick.

instagram status download
Download Instagram Stories

Instagram Status Download

You can download Instagram status of anyone or watch it anonymously. In this post, You’ll know this trick. It is the very easy technique to download Instagram status of anyone. Instagram status download procedure can be done with the help of one chrome extension.

Procedure towards Instagram Status Download

Now let’s come to our main topic How to do it. I’m going to tell you one and the only simple way to download Instagram status. You can watch Instagram stories any person without letting them know. You can say that we will able to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Now follow the below-given procedures to download Instagram stories or Instagram Status. You can call this whole procedure as Instagram Story Downloader.

Step 1

First of all, you have to go to your desktop or laptop. You must have installed Google Chrome on your laptop. You have to go to Chrome and then Open Web Store. Then you have to search one extension in the search box.

instagram status download

Step 2

Type “Chrome IG Story” in the search box. You’ll see the following image in the web store. You have to download the red boxed extension. Or you can go through the below link.

Link to: Chrome IG Story.

instagram status download

Step 3

You have to add that extension and go to your Instagram account. Instagram Status download can be done with the help of that website and chrome extension. Go to Your Instagram official account.

Step 4

Once you are on your official Instagram account you can see there are many Instagram stories of your friends. You have to only click on the extension which has added to the right sidebar of Google Chrome. Now You will see your screen as in the below image.

instagram status download

Step 5

Now you have to click on the Download Icon. This will download that person Instagram story or Instagram Status for you. In this way, you can download Instagram status or story of anyone without letting them know.

Short Detail

The downloaded file will be in the form of zip file. You have to extract that file. If a person has put many stories like photos, videos in their single status then it will download the whole status.

You can watch them or store them. Now how can you watch the Instagram stories anonymously? It is very you have to download it and after that, you can watch it. If you download someone status or story then that person will be not going to know that you have downloaded his/her status.

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