iPhone 8 Features: An Amazing Mobile

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iPhone 8 Features, This will be a sure question for a new iPhone launch. Almost the all features and approximately new iPhone release date has leaked. Below you can see all the feature in short.

iphone 8 features

iPhone 8 Features

Feature table of iPhone 8/ New iPhone

  • Processor: Processor of this new iPhone 8 will be A-12 which will be much better than A-11.
  • Display: The Display of phone will be 5.8 inch with an edge to edge OLED display.More detail in below specification.
  • Camera: The rear camera will be of 16 MP and front camera of 8 MP. More detail in below specification.
  • Operating System: Operating System will be iOS 12 and it can be upgraded to 12.3.2.
  • Battery: It will have Li-Ion powered battery of life 3000 mAh.
  • Charging: This phone will support Wireless charging.
  • Security Level: There will be fingerprint as well as eye scanner on the new iPhone.
  • Sensors: Barometer, Compass, Heart rate, Dust proof, Shock proof.

Now let’s see all the features in detail to know more about this new iPhone 8.

Detail Feature of iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 will launch on Apple iPhone 10th year anniversary. This phone will be better in comparison with the all other smartphones ever. May be Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a competitor to this new iPhone 8. We have seen the iPhone 8 features in short. Apple has not been declared that above all features. But all the features will be exactly as above.

This new iPhone look will be much similar to Samsung Galaxy S8. You can also see the below image to think in a better way. This iPhone display will be an edge to edge OLED display. You can say Apple upgraded to itself for next generation.

iphone 8 features

In this new iPhone, you can see Bezeless display, as well as this phone, will support wireless charging. The Home button will be present there but in the form of display and this will be your fingerprint scanner and selfie shooter. You can see that iPhone 8 features are too extraordinary in comparison with other phones.

In this phone, you will see security level like Samsung Galaxy S8. In this phone, you will see 3D face recognization as well as eye scanner for better security to your privacy. Now let’s talk about its processor in this new iPhone 8 you will see A-12 Processor. This will be much better in comparison to A-11.

Now let’s know new iPhone release date. This phone will be launching in September 2017. There are multiple rumors related to iPhone 8 plus. It has to know that iPhone 8 will be the new edition of iPhone i.e, iPhone X.

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