LSI keyword analysis

What is LSI Keyword? LSI Keyword Analysis & Tool For it


LSI keyword analysis

Hey If you notice my previous post which is about On Page SEO Optimization. In that post, I had detailed talk about On Page SEO Optimization. In that post in some part of that post, I had also talked bout LSI Keywords. I had given some idea about LSI keyword in that post. Now in this post, I am going to tell you about What is LSI keyword? I will also talk about what is LSI keyword analysis? I will also talk about free LSI tool which you can use for your website or post. In this post, I will also give you procedure about How to find LSI keywords? Also the impact of LSI keywords on your traffic which comes on your website. If you did not read my previous post then you should read that first,

What is LSI Keyword? LSI Keyword Analysis

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) this is full form of LSI. Now let’s take deep knowledge about LSI keywords. Suppose you are searching anything on the internet then how can you get a proper result? You will get the proper result by Google LSI or other search engine LSI. Google LSI search same results related to your query.

LSI analysis is nothing but analysis of LSI keywords used in writing any blog post. When you are writing a post then it very important that you take care of LSI keywords in that post. You should maintain the density of LSI keywords. Because when a person searches anything on the internet he/she will get result dependent to LSI keywords.

We know that when we are writing any blog post we have to cover most of the things like focus keyword density, high CPC keywords for high earning, etc. Hence when we write any post and if we also cover lots of LSI keyword in it. It is beneficial for us. Because when the search engine finds result it takes help of LSI search engine. So if we used more LSI keyword in our blog post then it will be more helpful for driving huge traffic to our website.

Hence LSI search engine optimization is also important. To make our blog post more friendly for LSI  search engine. We need more LSI keywords. We use many tools for finding focus keywords or long tail keywords for our website. Like that we also use a tool which you can use for finding LSI keywords.

If you did not know about more tools which can be used for finding more focus keyword then you should read first the below post.

Tool For Finding LSI Keyword

Now there are not as many tools for finding LSI keywords. Maybe in future, there will more tools for finding LSI keyword or free tools for finding LSI keyword then I will update you later. Now in this post, I am going to tell you about the free tool for finding LSI keyword. So you can easily do LSI keyword analysis for your blog post.

This tool is free to use. You can easily handle this tool because using this tool is not complicated as running 2 miles without a stop. Let’s Know the name of this tool, The name of this tool LSI Graph/ LSI keyword Generator. You can generator thousands of LSI keyword for your blog post using this one.

If you want to go on the official website of this tool then click here: LSI Graph/ LSI Keyword Generator

How To Use LSI Keyword Generator For Huge Traffic To Your Website

Now let’s talk about how to use this LSI keyword generator? By following the below guideline you can easily do LSI keyword analysis. First, go to the official website of LSI keyword Generator after then the opening page will look like below image,

LSI keyword analysis

You will see that there is a search box in which you have to type your focus keyword for which you want to do LSI keyword analysis. You can find multiple long tail keywords using multiple tools. After that you have simply checked the I’m not robot captcha. Then you will be able to find your LSI keywords which are related to your focus keyword.

I am giving you an example which you can refer for better understanding.

LSI keyword analysis

Now let’s see what is an impact of LSI keywords on your website traffic? If you use LSI keywords in your blog post then there will be more probability that your website rank higher. Which turns into huge traffic to your website.

  • You have to write your blog post as it is you wrote previous one.
  • You have to do LSI keyword analysis by following above procedure.
  • After these, all stuff you have to replace your other sentences with those LSI keywords where they can fit.
  • Please do not insert the more LSI keyword in terms to get more traffic because this thing can loss your website nature.
  • Only add LSI keywords where it is suitale, not anywhere.

By following these all things you will definitely success in terms of driving more traffic to your website. Because LSI keywords are also important as focus keyword important in your blog post. The LSI keyword analysis is also one factor of On Page SEO Optimization. You should focus on On Page SEO Optimization then don’t forget LSI keyword analysis and to add LSI keyword in your post.

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