make ar emojis on any android phone

How To Make AR Emojis On Any Android Phone?

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Recently Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have launched. We’ve seen many features of that smartphone. But one specification which is also present in iPhone X is AR emojis. You can enable AR emoji based keyboard. So in this post, I’m going to explain you “How to Make AR emojis on any Android phone?”.

make ar emojis on any android phone

Make AR Emojis On Any Android Phone

We can not buy Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ only for AR emoji feature. Also, this smartphone is very costly. So in this post, you’ll learn how to make AR emojis on your smartphone. Let me tell you my trick and iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 trick are same to convert your face into emoji.

You can also use those emojis on your keyboard. This is a very simple trick which you have to use. Follow step by step and you’ll be able to create an awesome emojis like Samsung and iPhone mobiles do. I can you are going to love this trick. And if you like this trick then don’t forget to share this post.

If you want to know which emoji’s have been used world wide or say want to see which emoji’s are popular then see the below image.

10 Most popular emojis infographic

Steps to make AR Emojis on any Android Phone

You can use this trick only on Android phones. You have to install one Android application which will help you to use AR emoji feature as well as AR GIF feature also. Let’s go to know how to make AR emojis on any android phone.

Step 1

You have to install an Android application which is known as Bobble. You can download and install it from the below given link.

Install Bobble: Click Here to Install.

Step 2

After installation, you have to enter your mobile number with your country code. After then click on “Enable Bobble Keyboard”.

make ar emojis on any android phone

Step 3

Then a Camera would pop up and you have to put your face middle inside. Take your photo or You can use your Gallery option also.

make ar emojis on any android phone

Step 4

After when all thing has done it will show you all ready stickers of your photo, GIF, Stories, etc. You can also add multiple heads in this application.

make ar emojis on any android phone

Step 5

Now you are able to create AR emojis on any Android phone. But the question arises how to use it on a keyboard? you are able to make AR emojis on any Android phone. At the moment when you’ve installed this application, you’ve given permission it on Bobble Keyboard.

make ar emojis on any andoid phone

Now I’ve used my face and created some emojis which you can in above photos. Now in below, I’ve shown you how to use this application to send your face emojis. I’ve written “Hi” word and you can emojis and GIF of that hi coming with my face emojis.

make ar emojis on any android phone

Like that, you can also create your emojis on your own phone. If you love Bollywood characters then you would love this application twice. Because most of the emojis are based on Bollywood characters. So if you like article How to make AR emojis on any Android phone? then share this article with your family and friends.

If you know some another application which can also use to make AR emojis on any Android phone then let me know in the comment section.

I think you also must have knowledge regarding the popularity of emoji’s in this modern world. See the below image.

Emojis in facts infographic

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