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How To Make Fake Screenshots of WhatsApp Chats?

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Have you thought if you can create fake screenshots of WhatsApp chats? How will awesome this new trick? In this post, I will explain you how can you make fake screenshots of WhatsApp chats? You can make fake screenshots of WhatsApp as well as other social media chats like, Instagram Chats, Facebook Chats, Twitter twits, etc. You will see this fake screenshot look alike a real chat.

fake screenshots of whatsapp

Make Fake Screenshots of WhatsApp Chats

Now let’s discuss all the features which you can use for making fake screenshots of WhatsApp or other social media account. You can make fake conversation screenshots or you can add fake WhatsApp images. Let me tell you, You can call this application as fake WhatsApp conversation generator.

In this post, I will give you name of that application which you can use to make fake screenshots of any social media chats. You can make fake screenshots of group chats also. For that, you have to follow simple procedures to make your fake conversation.

You can read the following steps to make Fake Conversation of Social Media. Or You can watch the below Youtube video for more relevancy.

Steps To Make Fake Conversation of Social Media Chats

  • First You have to install one Android Application called as Yazzy.
  • You have to enter in this application and select the social media icon for which you want to make fake conversation.
  • Let us consider You want to make fake chat of WhatsApp chat. Then click on WhatsApp icon.
  • Now click on the Name where “Yazzy” has written clear Yazzy name and type name which you want.
  • You can also insert profile picture of that person.
  • Now click on the plus sign and add message which you want as to receive or send. You can also select the type of message as a read message, receive message, send message, seen message, etc.
  • You can also insert WhatsApp wallpaper in the background of chats.
  • After when all of your conversation completes You have to remove Yazzy watermark by clicking on it. When you will click on watermark automatically one ad will appear. When you click back ad will go as well as the watermark of Yazzy.

Similarly, you can make the fake screenshots of other social media accounts. I will provide you the link to that application. You can download that application from there.

Click here: “Install Yazzy Application”

You can use this application to make fake screenshots of WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp Group Chats, Facebook Chats, Facebook Group Chats, Twitter twits, Instagram chats, etc.

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