get ios 13 on your android phone

Make Your Android Phone an iOS Phone (Get iOS 13 on Android)

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Around the world, there are many smartphone users who don’t have an iPhone. But they wish to experience the brand new interesting features of new iOS (Operating System). So here in this article, I am gonna explain to you, “how can you get iOS 13 features on your Android Phone?“. You don’t need to root your Android phone you use need to follow the instructions given in this article.

get ios 13 on your android phone

Get iOS 13 Features On Your Android Phone

In 2019 there are two operating systems which are in trend the first one is our Android Q and the second is our iOS 13. So as you are already an Android user you will get Android Q update if your phone is compatible or your smartphone company will provide you with that update. But here in this article, we will only stick to the features and how can we get iOS 13 on an android phone?

First of all, we will discuss with you “the brand new features of iOS 13”. Because if you are going to use iOS 13 skin on your Android phone then you must know the benefits of iOS 13. The installation process is very easy you can watch the below video in order to install skin of iOS 13 on your android device.

Features on iOS 13

There are lots of new features which you will see in iOS 13 update. So here is the list,

1) Fewer Spam Calls

In this new update, you will see an option which will allow you to ignore spam calls. In other words, an unknown number will no longer be tension for you those calls will automatically shift to voicemail.

2) Dark Mode

The dark mode is among one of the trending topics in 2019. The tech giants are working on this tech. Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other companies want to incorporate dark mode to their apps. Apple also wants to include this tech to their system. So in the new update, you will see an option of Dark Mode you will also be able to customize settings like when to use? custom settings, etc. Here you read the benefits of Dark mode.

3) Smart Battery Charging

This new feature will stop charging your iPhone when it reaches 80% instead of 100%. But you can disable this option whenever you want, you just go to settings and uncheck the option of Smart Battery Charging.

4) Fastest OS Yet

According to Apple, iOS 13 will be the fastest OS ever. Users will see enhance in Face ID unlock 30% faster, new speedier, etc.

5) Family Hotspot Sharing

In the new iOS 13 update, your family members and other Apple devices will be able to connect your hotspot when an internet connection is not available.

6) Photo & Video Editing

This may be the best option why you would like to get iOS 13 features on your android phone. You will see more editing options in photo gallery app and you can edit videos as well in the same app.

7) Swipe to type

Well, this feature is already available in Android OS. Now Apple is also going to add this feature to their OS. In this update, you don’t need to lift your finger again and again to type a letter you can just swipe your fingers to form a sentence.

Swipe to type tech

8) Customize Your Memoji

Memoji this new tech has been incorporated by Apple in its previous update. Now Apple has added new features into it to make it more convenient to you. You can add new hairstyle, glasses, etc to your memoji.

9) “Find My” App

This is a very basic update Apple has combined Find My Friends and Find My iPhone app into one App which is Find My.

10) Easy To Control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Section

In the previous update, if a user wants to change Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device he/she need to go to settings and then they can change network or device. But the new update will relax users.

Enable iOS 13 features on Your Android Phone

Now we knew the features of iOS 13. Now we will directly come to our topic how to get iOS 13 features on Android phone? Let me tell you, here in this article, I will share info of one Android app which will let you use features of iOS 13.

This android app is a launcher you need to download this app then after permit the launcher and you will get an interface of iOS 13 or say you will see UI of iOS 13. You will not only see UI of iOS 13 but also you will see features of iOS 13. If you don’t know how to do it? then you can watch the below video for your convenience.

After launching that app your android phone will look like this,

iOS 13 features
UI of iOS 13
iOS 13 advance features
Notification panel
get iOS theme

Due to iOS 13, you will also enjoy the benefits of iOS 13 like beautiful wallpapers, iOS themes, etc. and whenever app gets update you will see newly added features.

So in this way you can enjoy the features of iOS 13 on any android device without rooting your android phone. So hopefully you liked this article and if you liked then do share this article with your family and friends.

If you have any query or doubt related to this article then you can ask me in the below comment section.

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