How Many Ad Unit Allowed To Web Page

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How Many Ad Unit Allowed To Web Page

Hey, If you having a website or blog, Then you are aware that you can earn money from that by placing ad units on it. The ad units you can get from Google Adsense or other ad providing networks. But In this post, I will only talk about Google Adsense. In the previous post, I had told you about “How To Get An Approval From Google Adsense For Ad Units”. In this post, I will tell you about how many ad units you can put on the single web page or say on the single page how many ads can be placed? Before in past years, the condition of Google for Ad units was different. In past, some years you can only put 3 ad units on your single page and for the premium partner can put 6 ad units. This was the condition in previous years.

But Now the new update of Google Adsense related to ad unit on single page change. It becomes so easy for add more number of ad units on the single page. But in the previous post, I had explained to you all about “How to increase money using Ezoic”. In that all post, I had explained to you about how a size of ad display and position of ads implies to your AdSense revenue.

Adsense Allowed Unlimited Ad Units & Types Of Ads

In that new update, Since you can add multiple Ad units on your single page. The number of ads also implies that more numbers of click and this implies that more money. The new update you can add multiple ads on multiple sites depending upon their types. The types of ads on Google Adsense. I will also explain to you each type of ad units.

  • Google Adsense content Units.
  • Adsense Link Units.
  • Google Adsense For Search.

Google Adsense Content Units:

This banner or display type of ad. Now you can place multiple ads on your single page. There are also multiple types of display units present on Google Adsense which you can choose for display size. These sizes are given below.

  • 336×280
  • 300×250
  • 250×250
  • 200×200
  • 120×240
  • 180×150
  • 160×600
  • 120×600
  • 125×600
  • 234×60
  • 468×60
  • 728×90

These are the resolutions for display size. You can choose your one. I recommend you If you are confused which one choose for maximum Google Adsense earning then you can use Ezoic. This is best for increasing your revenue of Adsense.

Google Adsense Link units:

Google Adsense link units are great for your earning you can place unlimited Link ad units to your sides of the pages. Which can turn in an account of multiple clicks and more earning? The answer is “Yes”. Like above there are multiple display sizes for link units.

Google Adsense For Search:

This is only well for the big website. Google Adsense for search is very well for big sites. It works very well for big sites.

These are some update of Google Adsense related to ad units. Hope you will be cleared about Google Adsense ad units. If want more updates of Google Adsense then stay with our website.

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