miui 9 launched

MIUI 9 Launched: Know Download Date, Features & More

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Hello, Friends If you are MIUI skin fan or fan of Xiaomi devices then you will be definitely waiting for MIUI 9. MIUI 9 launched and new features had unveiled. We know that MIUI 9 is nothing but the features of Android 7.0 i.e, Nougat.

miui 9 launched

MIUI 9 Launched: What Are The New Features of MIUI 9?

MIUI 9 launched and more new awesome features have been coming out. Just a few months ago a survey had come out. In that survey, it has given that the popularity of MIUI skins has risen exponentially. MI company also provides its users awesome and great features.

Let’s talk about new MIUI update i.e, MIUI 9. In the new update of MIUI, We have 3 important features. These features are so awesome. Those features are given below,

  • Image Search.
  • Smart App Launcher.
  • Smart Assistant.

These are the most highlighted features seen in the new update of MIUI. In recent Xiaomi had also launched its own SoC. SoC (System On Chip) this chip is known as S1 Surge. Now in the new update of MIUI Xiaomi launches its own smart assistant.

Let’s know every new feature in detail.

1) Image Searcher

Image Searcher will help you to find any image by their name, location or any specific symbols. Let’s take an example you want to find an image of your brother then first you have to put the¬†name of your brother pictures as “Brother”. After click on save.

Afterward, if you want to see all pictures of your brother then you have to simply search “Brother” in the search box. This is the cool feature it is most likely match with Google Photos features. And more feature we will be seen after launching in Xiaomi smartphones.

2) Smart App Launcher

Officially, There is not much information about this feature. But We can say that this feature will help to manage Apps in smartphones. This feature will also help to boost the speed of smartphone. You can say that after MIUI 9 you will no longer face problem-related to app opening speed and other malware.

3) Smart Assistant

This is very strange and cool feature of Xiaomi skin update. Smart Assistant will help you to find anything on the display screen. You will also get more features on the lock screen. MIUI 9 Launched when unveiling about this feature it seems that Xiaomi wants to be not dependent on other.

In recent Nokia had also launched its Digital assistant which is known as Nokia MIKA. We know that the features of MIUI 9 based on features of Android 7.0. It can happen that MIUI will have features like Android 7.1.2.

MIUI 9 Launched: What is Download Date of MIUI 9?

We have seen the new cool features of MIUI 9. Now We interested in when we can download this new update beta version. The official news said that you will be able to download beta version by August 11, 2017. But trust me you will not be able by August 11.

Because it may first launch in China. But now there is one device which currently running on MIUI 9. The name of this device is Xiaomi Mi 5X.

Now let’s talk about which are those devices getting MIUI 9 update? There is a long list of smartphones under Xiaomi but not all will get an update of MIUI 9. To know, List of all devices will get MIUI 9 update visit the following link.

MIUI 9 launched but the update will roll out in two phases. In phase, those devices will get an update which is recently launched by Xiaomi. Like Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi 5X, Redmi Note 4X, etc. In the second phase, other devices will come. You can see the list of all those smartphones by following above list.

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