most important thing in SEO 2018

The Most Important Thing In SEO 2018


When its come to SEO we’ve to go with search engines new updates. In my previous post, I’ve explained you the increasing trend of SEO. In 2018 search engine will be going add new major factors for ranking. If you want to rank in search engine then you must know the most important thing in SEO 2018.

most important thing in SEO 2018

Most Important thing in SEO 2018

Now let’s know which will be the most important thing in SEO 2018. The answer to this question. is “Readability”. I know it’s sound something odd. But let me tell you why will readability important for the future? In my post “5 Hilarious New SEO Trends 2018” I’ve explained you the importance of voice search.

Voice search is not only the fact of good readability importance but also Google Algorithm. As time is changing Google and other search engines make itself much better. We’ve to go with these search engines to rank in search engine.

These two factors are responsible for good readability. First one is Voice Search and the second one is Google Algorithm. I’ll briefly explain you detail effect of these factors on ranking in 2018.

Voice Search

As the voice search is on trend in 2017 and last previous years. Google will surely consider readability as ranking factor. Many people search their query with the help of voice assistants. I also use Google Assistant to search my queries.

Google Assistant or other assistance listen to your queries and give you respond in terms of voice. Now, why is readability important for you? In nowadays readability is not a ranking factor but it matters quite. Google assistant first read your post then tell the answer to a user.

most important thing in SEO 2018

In this whole scenario, Google will represent only one single post and Google assistant will pick up the only post which will have good readability score. So if you want to rank in the search engine then you must improve your readability score.

Voice search is the most important thing in SEO 2018. It’ll play a major role. As other ranking factors matter soon readability factor will also matter. Make your post user-friendly as well as Google Assistant friendly. If your post does not satisfy both conditions then you’ll be not going to rank in search engine.

Google Algorithm

After voice search, another thing which will matter is Google Algorithm. Google wants to be a human-like search engine. Google wants to adopt all characteristics of the human. Hence the Google make changes in his Algorithm. One change surely will the readability.

As readability will be the most important thing in SEO 2018 Google will surely add this one to his algorithm. We’ve to prepare ourself in this manner so we will able to rank in the search engine. Also, this is common sense that if you don’t have good readability then users will boycott your post and move to another one.

This will increase your bounce rate and affects your ranking in the search engine. So next time make sure your post readability will well on your website.

If you’ve ambiguity related to this post then let me know in the comment section. Also if you think some other factors will also affect ranking in the search engine then also let me know in the comment section.

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