Now You Can Download Movies Without The Internet

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Now You Can Download Movies Without The Internet

Now you can download movies without the internet. This offer is only for Jio users and for those who use Jio cinema. According to Jio new plan i.e, Happy New Year offers for Jio users they can use only 1 GB data for free. But to download the movie in good quality or in high quality we required huge data for it.

To solve this problem Jio adds the new feature in its application in its Jio cinema applications. Jio cinema is one of the applications of Jio which have a good collection of movies in it. But to download these movies required huge data. Due to 1 GB limit, Jio users can not download these movies. Hence to download these movies Jio add a new feature in its application Jio cinema. We all know about Jio Happy Hour feature which is only valid for 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM. By using this feature and adding a new feature also Jio form new feature. This feature is called as “Smart Download”.

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Tips To Download Movie

In this new feature Smart Download which is available in Jio Cinema application. To use this feature you have to only select that movie which you want to download. After selecting that movie you have to click on Smart Download and after that, you see nothing happened. This movie will start a download at 2:00 AM and if this feature automatically stops at 5:00 AM.

Using this feature you doest wait for night and for 2:00 AM. You have to only select that movie which you want to download and after that, you have to select Smart Download and make Jio cinema application run back on RAM. This is the simple tips and trick you can follow to download any size of a movie like 2/4/6 GB size movie without losing your 1GB original data.


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