OnePlus 4 Is Launching Surprise Of Price at Rs 999

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OnePlus 4 Is Launching Surprise Of Price at Rs 999

OnePlus 4 is one of the smartphones of OnePlus with success in the market. Now in this week company can give surprise to his lovers. Because in this week company announces that its smartphone OnePlus 4 may be at price of 999 INR. Let me explain you some features of this smartphone.

Features Of OnePlus 4

This company launched phones like OnePlus One, 2, 3 and like OnePlus 4will  have some interesting features. This Smartphone may have display size 5.5-inch of the Display may be HD or full HD it is not clear. But the rumors also say that it can come with a 4K display. A phone can come with 8 GB of RAM and processor of this smartphone can be Qualcomm Snapdragon but which variant is also not cleared.

This smartphone will come in three variants depending upon their internal storages i.e, 32/64/128 GB. The operating system of this smartphone will be OxygenOS like the previous version of smartphones. Other features of this smartphone also will match the previous smartphones. The camera of this smartphone will be a very good like Primary Camera will be 24 MP and the secondary camera will be 8 MP. The flashlight may be on both sides in front and also backside. This feature will enhance the quality of an image as well as you can get selfish in night i.e, in dim light.

Now the main thing is that what will be a price of this smartphone? The price of this smartphone will depend on the internal storage of this smartphone i.e, depend on 32,64,128 GB storage. RAM may be same in all smartphones. Now the price of this smartphone will be around to be $500 in the international market. In India, the price will be 33,999 INR. But due to surprise which may be given by OnePlus in this week, the price will be 999 INR.

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