optimize website for mobile devices

Optimizing Website For Mobile Devices


In a Basic SEO, one of the important chapter is making your website mobile friendly. Today, In this post, I will be talking about optimizing website for mobile devices. First, you have to know why should you have to your website for mobile or tablet devices.

optimize website for mobile devices

Why Should You Have To Optimizing Website For Mobile Devices?

Today, In this world everyone mostly prefers the use of smartphone instead of computers or laptops. Now, most of the people use their smartphones for internet usages. They search most of the things on the mobiles and for this reason your website should be mobile friendly.

A mobile friendly site also has a ranking position in the search engine. Because Google or other search engines only choose those site on the SERP who has good feedback. Like Bounce rate, load speed, etc.

Which sites come under mobile friendly sites?

If your site has the following characteristics then your sites come under mobile friendly sites.

  • Your site must be readable on mobile or tablet without any issues.
  • The website should be load properly on the mobiles and tablets.
  • Your website should be understandable by the search engine.

Hope, You know why your website should be mobile friendly? What are the main criteria for mobile friendly websites? Now let’s know How to make your website mobile friendly? In this post, this is important for you I know.

How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices?

The one of the important thing for your website to be mobile friendly your website must have minimum load rate. Indirectly we can say that your website should be load very quickly when anyone opens your website in the mobiles.

To Optimize Your Website For Mobiles You Have To Do Following Things.

  • Improve your site Speed.
  • Don’t Use too many redirects.
  • Google must know about your site.
  • The website should be responsive.
  • Don’t block JavaScript, HTML, and other important codes

There are too many things which you can do for your website to make it mobile friendly. But even if you do the above all things. It will be enough for your website to be mobile friendly. Let us discuss each and every point in detail.

Optimizing Website For Mobile Devices

Optimizing website for mobile devices does all possible SEO strategies. You must improve your website load speed. To improve your website speed you have to do following things.

Improve Website Speed

1) Optimize Images: You have to optimize your website images. Bigger size, HD images makes your website to slow. If you want to improve the speed of your website then use WP Smush plugin. This plugin will help you to optimize your website images.

2) Browser Caching: Browser caching means whenever a person visits your website your website elements save in browser in its cache. This whole process is called browser caching. You can do browser caching with the help of WP Rocket plugin. Note that this only boost up speed of those pages which had already visited by users, not for new pages or said elements.

3) Reduce Redirects: Redirect means when a user comes to your website it will be directed to another requested page. You can setup for which page redirection allow. But if you use more redirect pages on your website then it will make your website too slow.

Google Must Know About Your Site

Think if you have done all things properly and no one knows your work then it will not mean for you and your work. First, You have check whether your website is mobile friendly or not. After checking mobile friendliness of your website. You can click on the submit button which will present there and look like,

optimizing website for mobile devices

If you find some works which Google tell you to do first then do it first then submit it to Google Search Console.

Don’t Block JavaScript, HTML & other Codes

When most of the people optimizing website for mobile devices they block JavaScript, HTML & other codes. But don’t do it. It will help you to speed up your website but by doing this stuff you will make a problem for Google & other search engines. After this, they will face harder to find your web pages and it will lead to bad ranking.

Use Of AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages)

This is very easy and important way to make your website mobile friendly. There are so many plugins which you can use for activating your website for AMP. This is officially launched by Google to make website mobile friendly. In AMP Google adds some special HTML codes in your pages to make it load faster.

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