improve your blog domain authority

How Outbound Link Improve Your Blog Domain Authority?


Hello Friends, If you are running a blog or website then it is necessary that you should know about the outbound link. You should know that what is an outbound link? How outbound link improve your blog domain authority? In this post, we will first understand the concept of an outbound link. After that, we will learn about how an outbound link play important role in SEO? We will also learn about how outbound link improve your blog domain authority?

improve your blog domain authority

There are many ways to improve your SEO ranking. If you don’t know about that then you should read it first.

What is An Outbound Link?

The concept of the outbound link is very easy. If you search on the Internet you will find many results about an outbound link. You may confuse about the outbound link. Let me clear to you about the outbound link. The outbound link is the link which is provided by you in your post to another domain link. Let us consider an example,

Suppose you are writing a post about Google AdSense. In that you are writing about How To Create Google AdSense Account? Then surely you will give a link of Google AdSense website to your visitors. So that they can easily reach to that website.

Doing this thing you will provide your visitor to an external link of another domain which is not your domain. This whole procedure is called an outbound linking. When you provide a link to other domain in your blog post this makes the SEO to find out what is kind of blog post it? This is SEO friendly thing. You should do it. I will explain to you how to link and where to link. It has also some precautions. Let explore all that things.

Benefit of Outbound Link To Your Blog or Website SEO

Now I am sure that you have completely understood about the Outbound Links. Now let’s talk about its benefit to our website or blog or how is it benefit our website domain authority? or how an outbound link improve your domain authority?

Now Let’s see the tips & tricks and procedure to use an outbound link. If you follow all the steps then it will definitely improve your blog domain authority.

1) Link To Relevant Websites

This is important for you if you are imagining about outbound links. As you know what is outbound links and if you are linking any another website link to your post then make sure that you provide a link to the relevant website. The main benefit of linking to relevant sites is attracting your visitors.

You should take precaution that you are linking your post with the same type of blog or website. If you have website or blog like mine and linking your website post with fashion designing websites then it will give you a bad impact on your SEO ranking. Also, you have to take care that if you are providing a link to any other domain then it should be trusted and must have high DA.

2) Do not Create too many outbound links

This is also important many of the bloggers think that if they will provide more outbound link to their post then it will be more useful for website SEO ranking. But this type of thinking is too much wrong thinking. Because as a user if you search anything on the internet and find that post completely filled up by links either it is internal links or external links. 

Hence if you want that your visitor came back again to your site then take this precaution. This thing not only irritate users but also this thing confuses search engine that what is kind of this website? The search engine also do not more focus onto which website are you linking? It depends on many criteria.

3) Do not use links of Private Blog or Website

This is an important update for you if you follow all the condition of above then after there will be no benefit from outbound links if you do not take this as important. If you are providing a link to another domain to your blog post. Then you have to take care about that you are not giving a link to any private blog or website. 

This is important because this is also in an update of Google Panda. Google Panda has been depreciating their links. So if you used those website o blog links then there will be no meaning of that link.

4) Which Websites or Blog Links You Should Use

As you read above if you are using outbound links in you post then you should be very strict to all condition. In this condition one question which is definitely arising in mind of many bloggers. The question is then to which websites link we should use? The answer to this question is given below.

  • The website must be popular.
  • The Website must have high DA(Domain Authority)
  • If you are linking your post any page with another website any page for more references to your visitors. Then that page should have a maximum number of social media shares.
  • Also, link your blog post with other domain which domain webmaster allow you to create a healthy and knowledgeable community.

These are the tips & tricks and procedure for outbound links. If you followed all the steps carefully with taking all precautions then it will definitely help in your website SEO ranking. You may notice that all web post which is on top of any search engine they must have 2 to 3 outbound links. If you are following all the steps then it will definitely improve your blog domain authority.

If you are outbound you post with websites like Wikipedia then it will be a great thing. Because Wikipedia has high DA and also much popular. If you want to check your website DA( Domain Authority) then click here to know your website DA

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