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On-Page SEO Optimization To Rank On First Page


On-Page SEO Optimization To Rank On First Page

Hello Friends, If you are running any blog or website and write any type of content. Then I know surely you want to be rank on the first page of search engine. There are multiple techniques to rank on the first page. In that techniques, the one of the technique is on-page SEO optimization. When you are writing any post at that time many minor things you should do to rank on the first page. Now let’s talk about How does any page ranks on the first page of Google or any search engine?

The answer to this question is very simple. Any post related to anything is coming on the first page due to targeted keyword in that post. We know that keyword is essential and important part of any post or website. There are multiple tools which you can use to find that targeted keywords for that you can visit here.

Rather than keyword, there is also some minor factor which affects the ranking on the first page. In that factor, one of the important factors is on-page SEO optimization. There are two things which are On-page SEO Optimization and Off-page SEO Optimization. Both the factor is very important for ranking of any website or post. In this post, I will talk about both factors but mainly focus on On-page optimization.

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What Is Off-page SEO Optimization?

As I said above that there are many minor factors which affect the ranking of the website or any post. Now we will learn about that’s one of the factors off-page optimization. In that, I will only talk about what can you do for your website or post for off-page optimization. Off-page SEO optimization refers to the optimization of that content which not related to much more than the page. The simple meaning of this type of optimization is that your content will come on the first page of the search engine if it has many social media shares, likes, backlinks, tweets, followers, etc. If you put a good content then there is no doubt that you will get all of the above.

One of the major things is related to website ranking is time. The user who comes on your website if he/she spend more time on your website or particular content then your website ranking automatically increases. If that person comes to your website and leaves quickly than the ranking of your website is also dropping quickly. The off-page optimization term is very deep term but in this post. I give only above basis of this term.

What Is On-page SEO Optimization?

On-page optimization you can do only if you are writing any post. In On-page SEO optimization there are many techniques you can use for on-page SEO optimization. These techniques are given below.

1) Heading Tags

Heading tags is one of the important factors for ranking on the first page of any search engine especially on Google. When you are writing any post the heading tags which are used in post help search engine to identify what type of content is and mainly the targeted keywords. If you are using WordPress then the title of any post is <h1> Heading or 1st heading. The subtitles are <h2>,<h3>,etc. Make sure that your focus keyword must be present in the title of your content.

2) Post Permalink Structure

As in my previous post, I said that URL structuring is very important for ranking if you did not read that post then you should first read that here.

In the above post, you will deeply understand the importance of URL in ranking on the first page of search engine. The best permalink example is given below but important thing you should know for higher ranking is that your focus keyword must be present in the URL of the post.

Example Of Good Permalink:

3) The Post Title

The post title is major and important for any on-page optimization. As I said you can only do on-page SEO optimization if you are writing any post. The title of any post is important for ranking. Let us assume one post with the very attractive title (you can think your one) then you will definitely click on that post. More clicks on your post will automatically increase your ranking. Hence the post title is very important for higher ranking or rank on the first page of any search engine. During writing, any post title makes sure that your focus keyword must be present in that title if it is not possible in a case then you must use that keyword in other sub headings.

4) Meta Description

The meta description is not so much concern for Google-type search engine but much concern for Bing types search engines. When you are writing any post after completion of that post you write the meta description of that post. If you want to higher rank then you must to use focus keyword in the meta description it is important for higher ranking. Most of the users only click on the post if he/she likes that meta description of the post. Then if you want higher ranking then make sure that your meta description should be attractive.

5) Focus Keyword Density

Focus keyword density is an important factor of any higher-ranking post. When you are writing any post make sure that you use focus keyword in the first paragraph of your post and last paragraph of the post. And you can use that focus keyword anywhere in the post. You have to use your focus keyword at least 1% in your post. If you are putting focus keywords then you can also put LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. This LSI keyword is mostly used by the search engine for providing the better result to the user. To use this keyword it also helps you for higher ranking.

6) Internal Linking

Internal linking means place link of your other post from your website to current writing post where it is relevant. Placing the previous post links on the current post will help your previous post to rank. It also helps to current post because you are providing more information than as display in SEO. Through interlinking, the user spends more time on your website which directly enhances your website ranking. But important thing you should know about internal linking is that place only that links where it is relevant not everywhere in the post.

7) External Linking

The external lining does not affect your website ranking instantly but it affects you will see after sometimes. The external linking meaning is that you are linking your post any part with the information of the other website post which is also related to that topic. But make sure that you are linking your post that part with the content of another website then website must be trustable. This is for your user experience. When you link your website post some part which the content of another website post then this will make your website trustable. According to me trust on anything is very great part of that thing. By this way, you can promote your website for higher ranking.

8) Images On Your Post

Images can also help your posts for higher ranking. Because Image searches when searching images then they can come to your website link or that post link. This can also drive more traffic to your website or at that post. Only one thing you have to do that at the time of uploading the image you should put focus keyword as your title and alt text. One thing you should concern when uploading an image the size of that image should not very high because it slows down the speed of your website. Which is not so user-friendly.

9) Must Write Engaging Contents

After all, the biggest and important part of any post is the content of that post if you are writing an engaging content then your users will spend more time on your website after all if your users spend lots of the time on your website then ranking of your website will automatically increase. This thing will only happen when your website has great or say engaging content. Forget about all the things like SEO optimization, website speed, Images on the website, keywords on the post these things do not affect much more to your website. But if you do not have a good content or the quality of your content is not so much good then you will be never rank on the first page of any search engine.

10) Word Count On the Post

I know reading this heading you will get in deep thinking that how a word count affects the post ranking. Then let me clear this doubt, If your post has more words than that can cover more keywords which can be searched by peoples. Also, the more words on post seem to be very informative. You must write any post with the word count at least 500 words. This can make your post large enough for SEO optimization because more keywords are inside the post. It will also look like very informative.

So this is all about the On-page optimization and I also cover some part of off-page optimization. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family. If you have any doubt or query related to this post then you can ask me to in the comment section. So I can solve your doubt or query.


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