rank any post or website

How To Rank Any Post Or Website?


If you have any website or blog then your main intention will be rank my website or my website posts. Now in this post, I am going to tell you a secret and important tip related to ranking of a website. You can use this tip to rank any post or website.

rank any post or website

What is Important To Rank Any Post Or Website?

Before going on the topic to How to rank any post or website let’s see what is important for any post or website to rank in search engine. To rank any post or website in the search engine it must have the following things.

These are very important for any post or website to rank in search engine. If you don’t understand any word in above 5 lists then there are also link related to that post also have given. But all the things are in not our control like to get high-quality backlinks. There are some methods which can helpful for getting high-quality backlinks.

Domain authority also depends on many factors like domain age, backlinks & website trustability. Now let’s talk about what are the things in our control? Then the answer to this question is very use of proper keyword and on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Now you will think what is different in this post. This post also has given the same answer like another website has given about page ranking and other things. But in this post, I will give you the name of one tool and how to use this tool?

Name of The Tool Which Helps To Rank Any Post Or Website

This tool will show you what are the mistakes done by you? When you are writing a post and how will it affect your post ranking? This sounds too good. It is also easy to use I will explain you all of the features of this tool and also about its pricing and free trial.

The name of this is “HitTail” this tool will show you your mistakes which you have done at the time of writing a post. And also what should you change for better ranking. To use this tool first you have to follow the following things.

  • Go on the official website of HitTail
  • Sign up with your domain name
  • First, choose a free plane

If you want to check audit of any page then you have to click on “SEO checker” then you will see the following image.

rank any post or website

In the first row, you have to put a link of your that page or post for which you want to see the audit and in the next row, you have to put your focus keyword which you used in that post. Then simply click on “Analyze” button. After a min, you will see an audit of your post.

This website gives your page marks in 100 out of something. This tool will show problems in three steps 1) Passed 2) Warning 3) Issues. Warning show should update these problems & issues shows must update these problems show that it will not affect page ranking.

In this tool, you can find also some important keywords. Which will also help you for better ranking. Now let’s talk about its pricing. There are 3 plans which you can select 1) PRO 2) BUSINESS 3) AGENCY

You can get more information from the official website of HitTail. According to me, you must go through free plans because of the keywords provided by it not so good. If you want a proper keyword research then you must read the following post.

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