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How To Record Slow Motion Video On Android?

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In 20th-century video recording, photography has become very popular and interesting among the peoples. Video recording is also very popular. You can record yourself and watch anytime. There is an also one kind of slow-motion video recording technique. In this post, you’ll learn “How to record slow motion video on android?”.

record slow motion video

Record Slow Motion Video On Android Phone

We all want to record slow motion video. Because it looks so awesome. We record something and it shows us in very slow and cool manner which sounds very good. So in this article, I’m going to show you some tricks which you can apply on your Android phone. So that you’ll be able to record slow motion video.

Let’s go in this article I’ll tell you about 5 different Android applications which would help you to record slow motion video. You can use any of them because all are best.

Android Applications For Recording Slow Motion Videos

The positions of these applications are according to their specification and features.

1) Reaction Slow Motion Pro

This is the best application which you can use to record slow motion video. This application doesn’t take time to render a video and does not throw any kind of a blur and other types of effects. In this app, you can slide the speed to choose any moment you want.

record slow motion video

If you want to really enjoy slow motion video effects then you must install this application.

2) Slow Motion Video FX

This is also a good application to record slow motion videos. You can try this application also. This application does not only provide slow motion video but also fast motion video. If you’re using this application then you could select any effect.

record slow motion video

The output of this application is on Youtube and Instagram where you can get lots of likes and comment on your video. It does not only slow or fasts your video but also it does slow or fasts your sound. Which looks strange.

3) AndroVid-Video Editor

This application will not only help you to slow your video but also it is one kind of video editing application. If you install this application then you can edit your video in any manner which you want. This application provides you many features like video joiner, video trimmer, slideshow maker, video & audio mixer, etc.

record slow motion video

If you want multiple features in a single application then you must install this application.

4) Moto Camera

This is an intelligent camera application which helps you get an awesome click. It also helps you to record slow motion video. This camera allows you to take multiple clicks and after that, it automatically select which click is better. It depends on light, blur effect, blinking of eyes, etc.

record slow motion video

You should try this camera at least one time.

5) Coach’s Eye

This application is mostly used by coaches who use it to understand the performance of an athlete. This application helps them in case of checking athlete all over performance.

record slow motion video

You can also install this application whether you are a coach or not.

Hope, you’ve liked this post, If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family. And if you know some other application which helps to record slow motion video then let me know in the comment section.

But now some smartphone also provide this feature as in build feature on their phones.

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