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How To Recover Deleted Notification On Android?

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Oh… I have cleared my notification log I thought it has some important notification. How can I recover my deleted notification? I am using an Android phone. This question might be arises in your mind. Now in this post, I am going to give you a tip which is used to recover deleted notification on Android phone.

recover deleted notification

How To Recover Deleted Notification?

Most of us using Android phones. So by keeping it in my mind, I will be going to give you a name of an Android application which you can use to get your deleted notification. When any message come to you, You get that message first from your Android phone notification.

Sometimes it is not necessary that message was coming from WhatsApp, Messanger, or any other kind of social media message. You can see those messages afterward through that application. But sometimes the notification log of Android phone contains some important notification like Some Google Security Notification or etc.

It may happen that you are using a different version of Androids. Your phone can have Android Marshmallow notification log or Android Nougat Notification log or any old version notification log. It doesn’t mean which OS you are using you can recover that notification by simple one click.

Now come to that Application The name of that notification is “Timeline Notification-history”.I have provided you the link to the installation of this application below.

How To Use Timeline Notification-history?

You can recover deleted notification via using this application. Now I am going to tell you how to use this application. You can refer the following video to understand it completely or can follow the following procedures to understand it.

Procedure To Recover Deleted Notifications:

  1. First, Install that application via given installation link.
  2. Now Allow this application to access your notifications.
  3. This is the only simple method to see your deleted notification.
  4. But this application also has some kind of extra settings which you can use for your easy accessibility.
  5. You can blacklist any application from giving you a notification like WhatsApp or any other social media application because it creates so much notification to you.

This was the whole procedure to you explain How this application works? I think now you have a complete idea about this application. You can easily access this application and get your important notification history or important notification. Hope you are able to recover deleted notification on your android phone.

You can install the “Timeline Notification-history” Application: Click Here.

Hope you have enjoyed this article if you like this article then share this article with your friends and family. If you have any doubt related to this post then you can ask me that doubt in the comment section. And if you know the name of some other application which also works like this then let me know in the comment section.


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