redmi 5a features

Redmi 5A Features: Is it affordable?

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Recently Xiaomi has launched a new smartphone for its users. This smartphone name is Redmi 5A. In this post, I will give you an idea about this phone. Redmi 5A features as well as I have arisen one “Is it affordable ?” in the Redmi 5A features.

redmi 5a features

Redmi 5A Features

This new smartphone has some unique features. You must know Redmi 5A features because in this price range. It has much for you. Now let’s take a short look at features of Redmi 5A. This smartphone has three different types of variants. These variants depends on the only RAM and are following,

1) 2 GB RAM variant

2) 3 GB RAM + 32 GB Internal Storage

3) 4 GB RAM + 64 GB Internal Storage

  • Display: Redmi 5A has 5.5 inch HD IPS display.
  • Processor: This smartphone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC at the speed of 1.4 GHz.
  • RAM: RAM’s are 2GB/3GB/4GB depend on price range.
  • Storage: Internal storages are 32GB and 64 GB depends on price and RAM.
  • Front Camera: It has 16 MP of front camera.
  • Rear Camera: It has 13 MP of front camera.
  • Battery: Battery life of this smartphone is about 3080 mAh.
  • Operating System: This smartphone will run on Android 7.0 i.e, Nougat.
  • Skin: We know Xioami Smartphones have skin. It has MIUI 9.0 skin.
  • Weight: Weight of this smartphone is about 150g.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Except 2 GB RAM variant all other variants have a fingerprint scanner.
  • Price: The price of these smartphones are given by, 2 GB RAM variant cost Rs.6,800, 3 GB RAM Variant cost Rs.8,700, 4 GB RAM variant cost Rs. 11,600.

You have seen all the features of Redmi 5A. Now let’s dive into detail of this smartphone.

Detail Specification of Redmi 5A

This smartphone comes in 3 different variants. You can see those 3 different variants above. Redmi 5A has a different price depending upon their different variants. Now let’s know “is it an affordable phone?”

This Xiaomi Smartphone has low battery life as compared to other Xiaomi devices. It is a selfie camera. Because the front camera is the much better than rear camera. The processor of this smartphone is good in terms of price range.

This smartphone already has MIUI 9.0 skin till now other devices of Xiaomi doesn’t get an update of MIUI 9.0. You can read about MIUI 9.0 Features. If you are going to buy this smartphone then you will have a benefit in this field. The battery is also good but in comparison to other Xiaomi devices, it is much low.

The total overall feature of this smartphone according to price and specification. This smartphone is much good in comparison to Oppo and Vivo. This smartphone is also a selfie smartphone.

What do you think about this smartphone? Let me know in the comment section. You have seen the Redmi 5A features. If you like this post then share this post with your friend’s and family.


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