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What Are Rich Snippets SEO?


Rich Snippets SEO, what this new word stands? What are rich snippets SEO? This is much related to SEO. We do SEO (search engine optimization) only to increase our website traffic and to become more popular on the internet.

rich snippets seo

What Are Rich Snippets SEO?

Snippets are those things which appear on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Rich Snippets stands an information with more information on SERP. Do you think this help website SEO? The answer to this question is “Yes”. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and other technique help our website like that rich snippets help us.

If you have any website and write any post then you will definitely know about meta-description. Meta description shows your website or web page quite information like What does this page have inside it? Rich snippets also work like meta description.

Example of Rich Snippets SEO

To understand it better let’s take an example. We know normal snippets looks very generic. I have been given an example by showing an image.  I search a keyword on Google Search engine i.e, “Keyword Planner”. Google shows me some of the results you can also see it below.

rich snippets seo

You think it looks very simple it is not so different. Because it is an example of simple snippets. A simple snippet shows only meta description of a post, Title of a post, URL of the post. But rich snippets have different things.

Below I show you an example with search keyword of “Recipes for Chocolate Cake”. This shows me the following thing. You also see it is so different from simple snippets.

rich snippets seo

The main difference you see a difference of image. You see simple snippet doesn’t show an image but rich snippets show extra things like an image, rating, votes, reviews, other things related to it.

Like in above example I search recipes for chocolate cake. The rich snippets show me about the rating of that page related to that recipes, votes to that recipes, and how much calories you will gain from that chocolate cake. This information is more than simple snippets.

Because meta description only shows that words which you have put in meta description option. But rich snippets SEO change all things. Hope you have noticed the complete difference.

How Rich Snippets SEO Help Your Website Traffic?

If you understand complete things about rich snippets SEO. Then let’s know about What are the benefits of rich snippets SEO? Because what we get it is important. We know why we put meta description on any web page? Because it gives a user complete information about that web page what it contains.

But think if we provide more information in the more attractive way then what will be the result of that? Rich Snippets SEO do this thing. When your web page shows an image related to that post and more information like reviews, likes and other things. It becomes almost related to a thumbnail of any Youtube videos.

This thing will drive a traffic for your website. In 2017 some of the bloggers do this SEO strategy. This is an opportunity for you if you add rich snippets on your website then it will help more. Now let’s talk How to add rich snippets to your website?

How To Add Rich Snippets To Your Website?

Now we have seen all things what are the benefits of rich snippets SEO? What are rich snippets? Now if you understand completely about rich snippets then you will be very curious about how to add it to our website? Adding rich snippets to your website is quite difficult.

Before to add rich snippets first you must know about Structured Data. Using Structured Data you will only be able to add rich snippets to your website. To add structured data to your website you have to take the help of following websites,

These two websites will help you to add structured data to your website. Let’s see what structured data do? Structured data is direct communication between your website and search engines. From structured data, you can tell the search engine what to show on SERP.

Now times few companies and some blogger use this SEO technique. It is not so popular. You must try this technique for increasing your website traffic. The main benefit of rich snippets SEO it increase your website click through rate.

Because people click on your web page by seeing this good presence of information on SERP. As more clicks on your web page, Google or other search engines will give more preference to your website for any result which presents on your site.

This is how you will see the difference between your website performance. If you add rich snippets on your site.

Hope you like this information. If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends. If you have any doubt related to this post like how to add rich snippets SEO on my website? and other questions.

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