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SEMrush Alternative For Keyword Research


Weblogger know that how keyword research is important? We know many tools which can be used for keyword research these tools are so great. In the list of best keyword research tools, the best option is SEMrush. But if you are thinking about what is the best SEMrush alternative?

semrush alternative

SEMrush Alternative Tool For Keyword Research

We know that SEMrush provides us a competitive keyword research facility. Due to competitive keyword research, it has easy to rank in search engine rank page(SERP). SEMrush alternative also has some same kind of features. There are many tools which are too good. But this tool about which I am going to talk is so different.

If you remember then You use one website to calculate your website domain authority. Yes, Name of that website is Moz which show us our website domain authority as well as page authority of our website. Which gives us much information about our site.

You are thinking that Why am I talking about this site? Because this site has an answer of our question i.e, SEMrush alternative. Moz Explorer, this is what you can as best SEMrush Alternative. Moz is famous as best keyword research tool on the internet. Also, this website has high trustability. You can trust on it. This tool has some different features.

Features of Moz Explorer

If we are talking about why is Moz Explorer is SEMrush alternative? then we should also give a proper answer why? Moz Explorer is the best alternative of SEMrush. Because Moz Explorer will give you a different option which other tools are not giving still.

Normal or SEMrush keyword research tools provide you only three major things Keyword search volume in search engine, competition to that keyword, CPC of that keyword. I know CPC is important in a case of if you are using any advertising network on your website.

But Moz Explorer gives us not only all above things but also it provides some other good features too. Let’s talk about which are those features? and what they show us?

Moz Explorer provides you three major options which are Keyword Suggestion, SERP Analysis, Overview. These are the major things which Moz provides you. In this option, they give us huge data which enable us to pick up a right keyword for our keyword research.

What Are The Meaning of Features Which Provided By Moz Explorer?

Let’s understand what are the features stand. First, if you put any keyword in the search box you will see the top 4 options in overview option. Those are Monthly Volume Searches, Difficulty, Opportunity, Priority. See the following image for more understanding.

semrush alternative

You can see in above image I have searched for keyword “Keyword research” which shows options like I had talked above. Now, let’s know the meaning of all those options.

  • Monthly Search: This show what number of times these keyword searched by people’s. If it is maximum then it is good.
  • Difficulty: This shows how will you be going to face difficulty in ranking? If it is minimum then it is good for you.
  • Opportunity: This shows what are the opportunity to rank in a search engine if you use this keyword. If it is maximum then it is good.
  • Priority: You can say this option as conclusion option. Because the overall value of this option is the conclusion of all things like difficulty, opportunity, and other metrics. If it is high then good.

These are the options comes under the overview. By observing all the options carefully you have to decide about keyword should be chosen or not. Now let’s talk about SERP Analysis option.

SERP Analysis means it will show us all the pages which are ranking in a search engine using the same keyword for which you are searching. You can analyze all the pages with their domain authority, page authority, spam scores, etc. See the following image for better understanding.

semrush alternative

You can see in the above image only 4 of the ranking pages are shown. But when you search you will see all top 10 pages. This is all about SERP analysis. Now we will see what keyword suggestion means.

Keyword suggestion option shows you best alternative keywords which you can use in place of your keyword for which you are doing research. This option also includes also three suboptions. Keyword suggestion shows all the keywords in those three options.

The first suboption shows relevancy of that keyword which means if someone searches in search engine then what is the probability of showing this keyword. It is much similar to LSI keywords. If higher relevancy then that keyword is much better than other ones. Other two options are monthly searches and search which is quite similar. See the following image for better understanding.semrush alternative

This is all about Moz Explorer which you can use as SEMrush alternative. Hope, You will get the answer of your question “SEMrush Alternative For Keyword Research”. For more access to Moz Explorer, you should use it’s paid version which cost to be $149 per month.

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