Tips To Increase Your Google AdSense Income

Google Adsense

Tips To Increase Your Google AdSense Income

If you read daily my post. You will find that I have written many posts on increase Google Adsense income. If you search on my website then you will find that there are many posts related to increasing Google Adsense income. I alway try some of the new experiments and read the update of Google Adsense to get new ideas. If you also search on Google that “How to Increase Revenue of Google Adsense”. There you will get thousands of the post or blogs to read. But the actual real money or more money will only earn if you do smart work. If you are using your website as main intention to make money online. If you are using Google AdSense as ads providing network for your website. Then you will surely know that fact Google Adsense is CPC (Cost Per Click) based ad providing network.

If you are using other ads providing networks then maybe there condition can be different. In this post, I am going to tell you only 3 tips to increase your Google Adsense revenue. You try only one month these tips and check the results. I am sure that you will be getting better results a compared to before you was getting.

Tips To Increase Google AdSense Revenue

There are many tips and tricks to increase the revenue of Google AdSense. But in this post, I am only giving you 3 main and important tips and tricks. These tips are working and also very helpful for new bloggers and beginners.

  • Getting Traffic From High CPC Countries
  • Use Of Smart Keyword Research
  • Giveaways On Your Website/Blog

The above three tips can surely increase your Google AdSense revenue. Next, I am going to explain to you all detail about the above three tips. So you can understand easily.

1) Getting Traffic From High CPC Countries

If you are using Google AdSense then definitely you will be aware the fact of CPC. CPC ( Cost Per Click) is so high for some countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. If you are getting traffic from these countries then your Adsense income will grow up by 100-200% as compared to low CPC countries like India, Pakistan or say Asian Countries. To get the traffic from those countries you have to do only collect all your best posts on which traffic are coming from these countries. Follow the comments on those posts and make a good relationship between you and them. You have to do these work for one-two months. After that, you have to send a request to them for a guest post. If these request has been approved then you will be getting maximum traffic from those countries.

If you are getting maximum traffic from those countries then the maximum clicks on the ads will happen. The maximum clicks on ads from those countries will boost your Google AdSense Income. You can try this tip and check the results.

2) Use Of Keyword Research

We all know that “How High CPC Keyword Important For Ranking And More Money”. By using high paying keyword at the time of writing post or blog is very important. But we know that every blogger wants to see his/her website on the top in the search. For that, every blogger chooses high CPC keyword which ranks that blogger to the top and also gives a more money. Just think that If your competitor also uses that keyword for that same type of content. On the Internet, there are many competitors and they also want to come on top. Hence to use only high CPC keywords not only gives you more money but also so much traffic.

In this case, you follow this trick. At a time of the writing post or blog, you should use high CPC and also low CPC keywords. High CPC keywords give you more money. The low CPC keywords can give you more traffic. Because your competitor puts only the high CPC keyword. But at the time of searching anything on the Internet, the searcher do not think about high CPC and low CPC keywords. They simply search that thing which he/she wants. To use low CPC keyword can gain the more traffic as compared to the blogger who only uses high CPC keywords. Use this tips surely this tip can increase your Google AdSense income.

3) Giveaways On Your Website/Blog

The Giveaways are the best and great way to promote your website or blog. By giving Giveaways you will be getting more benefits as compared to the tips explained above. You can put the conditions like guest posting for your blog/website. In this, some one will write high-quality content about your website/blog this can promote your website/blog in many other countries. You will also get the social like, email subscriber, more readers. These all thing can give benefit to your website/blog. Because Guest posting will give you traffic from other countries. Social likes can increase your follower to your website i.e, more readers on the website.

An email subscriber can increase your view on the single post. That can give you more money from the single post. These all things can increase your readers on your website more and more a compared to previous conditions. The more readers mean more views and more views can give more clicks on the ads and the more clicks mean more money to Google AdSense Account. This is also one of the easiest and relevant ways to earn more money and also become famous on the Internet.

Hope this post will help you to increase your Google AdSense income or revenue. By following above tips you can increase your online money or income. If you have some problem or query or suggestion related to this post then let me know that problems or query or suggestion. If you like this post then Subscribe my website by email which option is given below also share this post with your family and friends. Thanks for reading this post.


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