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Top 10 Best Tik Tok App Alternatives For Android and iOS

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Tik Tok definitely you must have heard this name. And you also must have heard that this android and iOS application is no longer exist in our country India. This app lets the users showcase their talent to other users of this application. But due to some problem, the Supreme Court of India banned this app. Now, where will all people go? They want to show their talent to the whole world. They will prefer to use this app or search for other alternatives to this app. So in this article, I am gonna tell you “top 10 best Tik Tok app alternatives for Android and iOS users”

tik tok app alternatives

After Ban of Tik Tok

It is true that Tik Tok banned in India. But still, you can use it. If you are already having this app or you have APK of this application you can use it. The Supreme Court asks Google and Apple to remove this app from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This means you can’t download this app but you can use it if you are having. If you don’t have APK of Tik Tok you can download it from here.

Alternative to Tik Tok App

Here you will see the name of all the applications which are Tik Tok alternatives. I am not saying that these apps are going to beat Tik Tok but it can give competition to Tik Tok. Because now Tik Tok is banned and these apps have a chance to promote and can take place of Tik Tok in India. Here is the list.


Like you may have heard the name of this application. This app is similar to Tik Tok here you can make a video on any song like Tik Tok and upload. You can also add many filters and other animations to your video to make them more attractive.

This app has 300+ special effects which you can add to your videos in order to make it more popular. Here you can also do lip-syncing, dubbing movie dialogues, singing a song, etc like Tik Tok application. So it is best among all Tik Tok app alternatives. Click Here To Download.

Vigo Video:

Vigo Video is one of the biggest competitors of Tik Tok. Now Tik Tok is banned people first option or say alternative will be Vigo Video. This app also provides users to make a video like Tik Tok that is it has a feature of lip-syncing, collab video, movie dialogues dubbing, etc.

If you are not thinking to use Tik Tok after ban this can be your best alternative. You may have also seen the advertisement of Vigo Video app. Click Here To Download.


Before Tik Tok ban Dubsmash was also very popular among content creators. And now Tik Tok is banned so this app will grab more popularity and will become 1st choice of Tik Tok users.

If we talk about its feature then let me tell you this app also has features like lip-syncing, video dubbing, movie dialogues dubbing, etc. But it has more cool and soothing interface than Tik Tok. If you haven’t used this app before then you must try at least once. Click Here To Download.


Funimate app allows users to make video and edit them according to them. This app is available for both Android & iOS. The features in this app as follows, you can create slow motion video, musical video, lip-syncing video, etc.

This app also allows you to create something new every day by providing you with daily new tips & tricks which will help you to make new videos daily. Click Here To Download.


If we talk about Tik Tok app alternatives then this app is best among all, Why? I will tell you. Because this app has something extraordinary than other apps.

This app also provides other features similar to other apps like stickers, animation, text colouring, etc. The extra feature which you get is 4D video. You can make 4D videos with the help of this app. It also provides you with money on a flame, views, comment, etc. That’s why this app can be the best alternative to Tik Tok after a ban. Click Here To Download.


Well, this app is very popular among iOS users. If you are an iOS user then you must have tried this app at least once? No, then you must try it. This app is also available for Android users you can also download this app.

This app lets you edit your video, merge facility, use animation, text font changing and many other features. But it doesn’t provide you with money this can be a reason for less popularity. Click Here To Download.

Bigo Live:

This app can be the best alternative to Tik Tok app. Bigo Live is not like other apps which have listed above. It is different because here you do not upload a video. Here you live stream your video or your moment with your fans.

You can use filters or you can live video chat. This app lets you connect live with your friends and fans. It is grabbing popularity very fast among users. So Click Here To Download.


Here in this app, you don’t get any extra features than Tik Tok or other alternatives of Tik Tok application. But the one thing which you will definitely love is filters & stickers. Click Here To Download.


If you want to earn rewards then this app is for you. And also if you are not a content creator you can watch videos here, the daily signing will tend to earn rewards.

This app also has features like trimming a video, stickers, video editing, etc. You will earn many rewards if your video went popular on this app. Click Here To Download.


This is the best social video platform. Because this app has a great video editing tool. This app will be definitely a great alternative to TikTok app. You can create professional videos within a minute.

If you are new in the video the editing field then also you will find this app more convenient to you. For content creators, this will be a great platform you must try it once. Click Here To Download.

These all apps are best Tik Tok app alternatives. You can try any one of the app listed above. Hope you like this article, if you like this article then do share this article with your friends so that they can also go for Tik Tok app alternative.

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