Top 5 Amazing Features of Android O [Very Cool Features]

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amazing feature of android o

Top 5 Amazing Features of Android O [Very Cool Features]

Hi, friends We all know that Google always updates their Android version for better performance. In recent past, Google introduced the new version of Android called as Android 7.0 i.e, Nougat. After that few months later Google also introduces its new update of Android 7.1.2. This new update was in beta version and Google surprises everyone by introducing the new version of Android. The Name of this Android version is not officially announced but call this new version by Name of Android O or Android 8.0. In this post, I am going to tell you about top 5 amazing features of Android O.

Top 5 Features of Android O

In this new version, the performance of the smartphone automatically increases due to new features added to this new version by Google.

1) Customized Notification: In this new feature The users can easily see the notifications. In this new version, the notification comes in groups. This makes the users see all notification in an easier way. You can customize the whole notification channel. This makes the users change in all notification which comes to notification channel. Due to this new feature, you can customize the single notification and If you do not want to see that notification then you can also handle that easily.

2) Background Limitation: As I told above that this new version increases your performance of the smartphone. In this new version of the Android operating system can automatically manage which app should run in the background and which app not run in the background. In the previous versions of the Android operating systems, you should do this task to increase your smartphone performance. But now in this new version, this operating system do this work automatically. 

3) Picture in Picture (PiP) Mode: This is a brand new feature in the Android operating system. In this mode, you can watch videos and at the same time, you can another application by setting an aspect ratio in which screen should divide. The is very similar to Youtube when you are watching a video and click the back button then it creates a box in which video is running and you can watch other videos title and thumbnail. Similarly, you can do this thing with the other application in the smartphone. This is PiP mode in the new version of Android.

4) Communicate Over WiFi without Internet Access: This also a new feature in Android in this new feature you can connect with any other same WiFi users or any other hardware and you can share files and any type of data without Internet access point. This means that you can communicate with other same WiFi users at the same time without any Internet Access. This creates a new type of files sharing between two people without the Internet.

5) New Autofill Framework: In the new version you can fill any online forms by using upgraded Autofill in their devices. This means that a user can save lots of time by using this Autofill Framework. This makes Google fill forms like Credit card or debit card form in the more easier way.

So this is all about the top 5 amazing features of Android O. I Hope you like this post. If you like this post then share this post. Comment down below if you have any query about this post.

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