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Top 5 Best CPM Advertising Networks

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Hello, Friends If you are a blogger and getting high traffic daily and want to earn money from this traffic then you are at right place here. Many bloggers in the world getting daily millions of the traffic on their blog. But if you are not using that traffic in a right way to earn money. Then there will be no meaning of all of this. Today I am going to give you the name of Top 5 Best CPM advertising networks name. So that you can choose best one for you.

best CPM advertising networks

If you want to know about the 5 best ad network for new blogger then check out the below link.

Best CPM Advertising Networks

Before going to name of those best CPM advertising network. Let me clear you the concept of CPM. CPM stand for Cost Per Mille. What is the meaning of CPM(Cost Per Mille)? This also has simple meaning that how much you will be earned for your website if thousands of people visit on your website and give an impression. Now let’s know what is an impression? The impression meaning when a person visits your site and see an ad on your website then it will be taken as one impression.

Now the CPM means how much you will be earned from one thousand impressions on your website. I think you will be very clear about what is CPM? Now let’s know the names of those best CPM advertising networks who gives you more money on one thousand impressions or say high CPM advertising networks.

These advertising networks give you a large amount of money but there is a condition which depends on the advertising networks. Different advertising networks have different conditions that condition I have also written in each advertising network detail.

Name Of The Best CPM Advertising Networks With High CPM

1) HillTopAds

If we are talking about best CPM advertising network then we can not forget this network. HillTopAds is ad network which provides you high CPM. This ad network has a great option which known as Anti-Ad Blocking Solution. This option gives you a grantee that you will be paid from your much of the traffic. Let’s know about its minimum payout level.

This ad network will pay his\her publishers when he\she reached the amount of $50. They will pay you money through Payoneer and Bitcoin. Interesting thing is that they also pay you money in bitcoins. Their approval process is not so difficult you can easily get approved by them. Because it is best CPM advertising network the one condition will be there is that you must have enough traffic on your blog so that they will approve your website.

2) PropellerAds

If you had checked the link which is given above by me and anchor text is 5 Best Ad Network For New Blogger. In the list of that 5 best advertising networks, you will see the name of PropellerAds. This one is also best if you are considering top best CPM advertising networks.

This website also has some terms and condition related to blog ownership and traffic to your blog. Once you clear all those steps and verified your site or blog you are going to see an interesting amount of money earning through it. They will pay your money once you reach the amount level $100. 

This ad providing network will pay you your money through Payoneer and wire transfer. But in my opinion, you should accept money through Payoneer. If you are getting high traffic daily to your blog then you must try this advertising network once. This will be definitely a great experience for you.

3) UberCPM

UberCPM is great amongst all the CPM advertising networks. Because this ad providing network provides us quality ads. If you are thinking to be a publisher with high CPM advertising network then the destination is here. Most of the time you will have CPM rates of UberCPM approx to $1 and more depending upon terms and condition and regional traffic etc.

This high CPM advertising network will also pay you your money when you reach to an amount of $25. This thing makes it also great and many of the bloggers are loving this option. According to, me, this is very less amount which you can payout. No other high CPM advertising network will be going to pay you at this minimum amount.

You can pay out your money from PayPalBut in this ad network, you can only place 3 ad units, not more which is enough for a blogger and also good for a user. That 3 ad units are the banner type with the display sizes, 120×600, 160×600, 300×250, 728×90.

4) Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM Ads, By the name of Amazon you can imagine which types of ads you will get. Before going to further details of this best CPM advertising networks. I also want to share you another great method to earn money through Amazon. You can also earn money from Amazon Native Ads

Now let’s come to this topic if you have an Amazon Affiliate account then click on the above link and login to your affiliate account and go and follow the procedure which is showing on the screen of that website. You can also sing up for a new account. All procedure are very simple. If you want high CPM according to you then you must use this best CPM advertising networks. Because in this network you can choose your level of CPM. But do not select much high.

In this CPM advertising network, there is not so much tension related to approval you have to simply generate ad codes and place it on your website.

5) Conversant Media

This is last one in the best CPM advertising networks list. This network also has some different and good kind of terms and conditions. If your website was rejected due to low traffic on your website in the above 4 listed advertising program. Then you must apply for this one. 

Because this CPM advertising network will approve your website if your website has 3,000 impressions per month. Which is too low. So if you are rejected from everywhere then you must apply at this advertising platform. The minimum payout level for this network is $25 which also too great.

You can pay out your money through PayPal. You don’t think it has low requirement then it will have low CPM. This advertising network also has high CPM. 

The above all advertising networks are best CPM advertising networks on the Internet. In future, many of the bloggers will move to high CPM advertising networks. Because as you know all other networks you will be only getting money if someone clicks on ads.

If you are getting money only when someone clicks on ads then it may happen you will not earn any money when someone will not click on ads. Rather than this you are getting high traffic but earn nothing. There is no meaning of that high traffic. So in future many of blogger will go for this top 5 best CPM advertising networks.

If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends and if you have any doubt related to this post then ask me that doubt in the comment section. And if you know some other best CPM advertising networks then let me know in the comment section.




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