Top 5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses In The World

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses In The World

The term virus in the digital world means a threat to the computer of laptop. These computer viruses can steal your saved passwords and leak your personal data or your privacy. Some of the computer viruses are very dangerous and it can harm your computer and personal data. The names of these viruses are given below you can identify these viruses and stay away from this virus. You can watch the below video for much better understanding,


5) Code Red

This virus had founded in July 2001 this is a very dangerous virus which harms more than 300,000 computers. This not actually a virus this is a worm. According to data this worm mostly affects the Microsoft Index Server 2.0 and the Windows 2000 index service on running Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. These were running on IIS 4.0 and 5.0 web servers.

4) Melissa

This virus was spreading due to email services and this virus is based on Microsoft Word. The creator of this virus says that the name of this virus had named after a dancer from Florida. The specialty of this virus is that this virus downloads through email and spread because of the victim. When victim downloads this virus it automatically delivered to 50 more persons which will present in email list of the victim.

3) Sasser

This virus made for the purpose to hack or insecure the security system. This virus attacks the local authority security systems. This Sasser virus also mainly attacks Windows-based operating systems. This virus is very lethal for an operating system which has critical infrastructures. This virus damage privacy of millions of the people and also the money of these people’s. According to survey this Sasser virus damage billions of the dollars in the year.

2) Stuxnet

This is a very dangerous virus ever created or founded because of its only damage industrial computers. This virus can not affect the normal people system or not its intention to damage normal system. This virus had stopped one-fifth of the Nuclear Centrifuges which is part of Nuclear Power Plant in Iran. This Stuxnet virus had identified in the year of 2010.

1) Cryptolocker

The first thing you should to know about this is that it is not a virus. It is Ransomware Trojan, not a virus this ransomware also spread through emails. This ransomware has the ability to lock or encrypt your important data or files on your desktop or PC or laptop. The decryption code or password is known by the ransomeware attacker. And for this code or password, you may pay some money or other things which he or she wants. Without this code or password, you can not access your personal data or important data on your pc or laptop or computer. This ransomware has to damage almost 500,000 computers in the world. The price collected by this owner is approximately 3 million dollars.

These are some dangerous and harmful virus. This virus can harm normal or industrial computers. To save your computers you should update your Antivirus on your system or you can find some much safe antivirus from here: Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Software.


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