tips to start successful youtube channel in 2019

Top 5 Tips To Start A Successful YouTube Channel In 2019

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YouTube nowadays has become a source of money and fortune. You have been watching so many YouTubers lifestyle and you are also wishing to be one of them. But nowadays to start a successful YouTube channel become a challenging task. You need a good piece of knowledge to run a successful YouTube channel. So here in this article, I will provide you “Top 5 tips to start a successful YouTube Channel in 2019”

tips to start successful youtube channel in 2019

How to start a Successful YouTube Channel in 2019?

There are so many ways to earn money online you can also earn money while playing games. But YouTube is now one of the most preferable ways to earn money and respect in this digital world. But to earn these things you not only need to work hard but also look for a smart way. So I will discuss all the tips regarding start a successful YouTube channel.

If you just want to earn money online then there are other alternatives too. But if you not only want to earn money but also fame then welcome to YouTube. We have seen many stories of successful YouTubers and 101% they are inspirational for us. These stories have created competition on YouTube.

Now today in every field of YouTube you will see high competition either you are thinking to start a tech or music or comedy channel you will face high competition. So I have the top 5 tips to start a successful YouTube channel in 2019. So let’s start with these tips.

Tips To Start A Successful YouTube Channel in 2019

If you start a YouTube channel in 2019 and if you are successful then this is an indication of you are not only working hard but also you have acquired smart ways to promote yourself. There are too many good faces with too much knowledge on YouTube and attracting audience to your side sounds insane.

Now how to do it? Let’s explore this trick and become a successful YouTuber in 2019.

Video Editing:

Are you starting a YouTube channel? or say Are a beginner? Yes, then you must know this part. Because this is more important and will be more efficient for you. Now, Why am I saying it is necessary? Because viewers nowadays like only those videos which are edited in very well manner and looks clear to them.

best video editing tools

You can not escape the pursuit by saying that you are new to this field. If you are providing an excuse for anything then there are others who have good content with awesome editing to serve the audience. So try to edit videos as much as you can. This is being one of the important tips to start a successful YouTube channel in 2019.

You can use anyone of the free video editing tools in the beginning and when you start growing up with your YouTube family you can use paid editing tools.

Be Consistent:

You and I both know this is a key factor to succeed in any field either you want to run a YouTube channel or want to a successful blogger. You need to be consistent. It’s not like you are giving attention for a month or week and you will have your grand success. You need to be consistent after achieving your goal otherwise some other person will take your legacy.

be consistent

I am not saying upload daily a video. You can upload 2-3 videos in a week but make sure those videos have high-quality content as well as come up with good video editing. This will be a key factor for your success in 2019.

Don’t Forget SEO:

You know either you are in the field of YouTube or blogging you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a very important aspect if you want to be a successful YouTube. You will be popular YouTuber if everyone knows you and you are ranking on the first page of YouTube with a higher position.

seo of youtube

To rank on the first page of YouTube you need high knowledge of SEO. You need to have a good, attractive title with an awesome description explaining all about your video plus one of the important factor tags. You need to choose suitable tags according to your video and channel type. If you did this all thing very accurately then no one can stop you rank on the first page of YouTube. This is also being one of the important tips to start a successful YouTube channel in 2019.

Customized Thumbnail:

If any viewer lands to your video then his\her first attraction would have been your video thumbnail. If you make an awesome thumbnail for your video then definitely it will attract thousands of users.

make awesome thumbnail

And if you are providing good content then the viewer will not only watch your video but also he\she will subscribe to your channel and this will help you to become popular and successful YouTuber in 2019. But make sure you do not provide any fake information in a thumbnail in order to get traffic. If you are doing this then it will be count as click bet and YouTube itself will drop down your channel.

Many YouTuber do this kind of black hat practices and this leads to the disappearance of their channel. Create an awesome thumbnail but it should not be misleading or contain any other information than video.

Video Title & Engagement and Collaboration:

The heading says itself what I am going to tell you. Video title should be unique it should not be misleading and clear terms about what you want to say in your video. Because misleading title can engage everyone to your channel but that engagement will not be more than for a few minutes.

engage and make friends

But suppose a viewer wants to solve his\her query and he\she prefer to YouTube search and your video title is all about that query then he\she will prefer to watch you and that user retaintion will be higher and this higher retaintion will provide you higher ranking on YouTube Search Engine and this way you can grow your channel.

You also need to engage with your viewers. You should reply to their comments on time. It’s not like reply them after 2 weeks or moths reply them as soon as possible for you this will create a good impression and don’t forget these users will make you a famous YouTuber.

You should also collaborate with other YouTubers of the same channel type. Don’t forget YouTube is a community and you are a part of this community and you will grow if and only if your community grow. You can grow your community by collaborating with other people in this community.

This is one of the important tips to start a successful YouTube Channel in 2019. You can also make intro videos to being attractive. By following these tips you will get millions of the subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Hope you like this article, if you like this article then share it with your other YouTuber friends so that they will also know how to get successful YouTube channel in 2019?

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