Top 10 Useful Tips For Higher Ranking (URL Structuring)


Top 10 Useful Tips For Higher Ranking (URL Structuring)

Hey, Today I am going to talk about top 10 useful tips for higher ranking. For higher ranking, your post or blog URL should readable by the human. It should search engine friendly. Below I has given that all important tips for higher ranking. This is also known as URL Structuring. In this only you have to change or makeup on URL. Hence it is also known as URL Structuring.

1) URL Must Be Readable:

If you have a Website then you want more and more traffic on your website. The more traffic implies that the first impression of your post is impressive. This good impression is shown by only two main things the first one is your title and the second one is your URL. When a visitor searches anything on Google If found n numbers of the website. But he/she select only once in which he/she found an impressive title and after that URL. Hence put only those words in URL which are meaningful.

2) Eliminate Numbers & ID’s:

When you give the title to your post or say Heading to your post. It automatically generates the URL of that post. Sometimes Our title has some numbers or special character or codes. This numbers or special characters or codes makes the URL looks too ugly. As I told above the URL is the main important thing for visitors. So if you have these types of problem in your URL then remove it.

3) Canonicalize URL’s directing to a common content:

In simple words, “Canonical” term is that important link in HTML which helps webmasters to prevent duplicate contents. Sometimes the URL’s have different structures but they direct visitors to single content. This creates duplication issue. Hence use the Canonical tag to stay away from this type of problems.

4) Cover Your Keywords:

When writing a post or blog then the keywords which you used in post or blog. You can use those keywords in the URL of the post. But my suggestion is that don’t use that for more posts it can be harmful. So think before every time to use it. It can be great for some posts.

5) Harmonize The URL With Page Title:

As I told in “Eliminate Numbers & ID’s” that when you write a post or blog. It automatically generates the page URL which harmonizes to the title. But if in some cases the title and URL don’t match then you must change it. It should match the title name. Because when the visitor sees your page title and URL. If he/she found there is the difference between title and URL. Then it may happen that it skips your website and go on another website.

6) Exclude Stop Words From URL:

If you are writing some post and the below it shows that ” URL contain stop words”. This means your URL contain words like a, the, etc., but, of. Your URL must be short not so big. If you are using WordPress platform then you can use Yoast Plugin to remove stop words. Shorter URL looks better than long URL.

7) Limit The Number Of Folders:

If you are making folders for each post. For example when you are writing the post on money earning related information then you add to the new folder and next write post on some other topic and make a separate folder for it. Then one day it will make a big confusion for the visitor to find anything related to that topic. Folders are for to overcome the search time and irritations. But this type of work will irritate viewers and they want to go on another website.

8) Use Word Separator:

Word Separator are very useful for the long tail keywords. It adds long tail keywords to a title in the URL to make it readable. The readability of any URL is most important for more traffic. As this information is already cleared above. You can use hyphens and underscores as word separators.

9) Set Moderate Redirection:

You can many times redirect your viewers to other pages for more views and for more money. But much of the redirection will irritate the viewers and this can also make confusion in the viewer. So you can use 2-3 times redirection to any page more redirection above 3-4 pages can lose your traffic on your website.

10) Consolidate the WWW and Non-WWW URL:

If you have WWW and Non-WWW version of your domain name then it’s my recommendation to consolidate them by redirecting from one to another.

Hope this article will help you for higher ranking and gaining more traffic on your website.

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