types of traffic

Types of Traffic to Your Website

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It is very important for you to know about types of traffic present on the internet. In this post, I’ll explain you all about types of traffic on the internet. You can analyse and use this data for getting high traffic.

types of traffic

Types of Traffic On the Internet

There are many types of traffic on the internet. But the whole traffic has divided into only two parts. First, Quality traffic and the second one is quantity traffic. You can have both the types of traffic on your website. In this post, I’ll only give you sufficient knowledge about this topic.

Quality Traffic

First, I’ll discuss Quality traffic. Because if we take this topic in terms of SEO then this is the very important type of traffic. Because Google or other search engines also want to give you a good quality traffic. Now many sub-different types of traffic come under quality traffic.

Now I’ll discuss each type of traffic in detail.

types of traffic

Organic search traffic these you are getting traffic from search engines when a user searches some query on the internet. This is always considered as a good traffic for your website. And users which you are getting from organic search traffic are also good for your website.

Direct Traffic this type of traffic mainly comes to your website if your website is highly popular. A user comes to Google and search your website and come across to your content. For example YouTube this is the highly popular website or application on the Internet. We go directly to YouTube without any search or anything. This is also considered as quality traffic.

Paid Traffic is sometimes considered to be quality traffic to your website. Because sometimes users don’t know about your website and click on your AdWord Ads or Facebook Ads. That user instantly clicks back which increase your bounce rate also the quality of traffic to your website. But it works also many times.

Social Media traffic it is also considered as quality traffic to your website if a user which really needs that information and comes to your website. Many times it happens that one friend share link of your post in his group circle and his other friends click on it only due to curiosity. But it is also a quality traffic to your website.

Quantity Traffic

Quantity traffic also has many different types. This traffic does nothing for your in terms of SEO. But in opposite, it decreases your website performance. So please stay away from quantity traffic and run for quality traffic. Below, in conclusion, I have discussed pros of quality traffic and cons of quantity traffic.

types of traffic

  • Social Media Traffic.
  • Paid Traffic.

These two different types of traffic come under quantity traffic. I’ll discuss both types of traffic in detail.

Social Media Traffic this type of traffic is very easy to get. You can also have social media traffic to your website only you have to follow some procedure which I’ve provided in the below article. This type of traffic come in bundles but there is no value of this traffic.

Paid traffic it is often seen that paid traffic get us the only quantity of person to our website not quality persons to our website. When you start advertising your content on the internet people comes to your content only due to curiosity. That’s why paid traffic also doesn’t come under quality traffic.

Pros of Quality Traffic

Search engine boosts your website ranking on the internet. You also get healthy community for your brand, product or website. It also reduces your website bounce rate. It is good for your website in terms of SEO.

Cons of Quantity Traffic

There are many cons of quantity traffic. This type of website can suspend your Google AdSense account because Google AdSense take it as invalid traffic. They can suspend your account or permanently disable your account. At the moment my Google AdSense account is suspended due to this invalid traffic.

Quantity traffic can increase your bounce rate which can affect your ranking in the search engine. So please stay away from this type of traffic on the internet.

Today, I have been suffering from invalid traffic result. I have done nothing wrong but still, I have seen its side effect. Hope you have no ambiguity related to this post. If you like this post then share this post with your friends and family.


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