use social media to drive traffic

How To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic?


Every Blogger knows that social media can be the best platform for driving traffic to your blog or website. We can use social media to drive traffic to our blog. In this post, I will give you some tips & tricks to drive traffic to your blog through social media.

use social media to drive traffic

Social networking site always tries to make the best social media strategies. If you have a social networking site then you can also apply these tips to your website. Let’s come back to our topic.

How To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic?

I have already discussed How To increase social media traffic? So that you can get a number of visitors to your website. But before that, you must know about How to use social media to drive traffic? You can increase social media traffic by referring above link.

First, you should know about How to use social media as your biggest and powerful weapon. You must have an official social media account for your website. You have to setup all account in well do manner. Now let’s learn about How to post an engaging & curious post to social media?

1) Continue Post On Social Media

You should post daily interesting and good topics on your official social media accounts if it is possible. If you can’t post daily new post on your social media account then try 2 to 4 new post in a week. It often happens that you can not publish any new post in a week also.

In this case, you can use Buffer or another website tool which have an option of scheduled posting. You can select on which schedule which post should be published. This tip will help you to daily communicate with your friends & followers.

2) Write An Awesome Heading

In the present world, People don’t have so much time to waste on any unuseful things. Your biggest problem is that you can’t decide what should write so that people will click on this link. Then read carefully which I have given below. Because it will solve your problem.

You must write a short heading with important words which can describe your whole post. Because people don’t even read long descriptive headings. But ensure that you have not written anything fake about that post which you are going to publish.

If you write a fake and wrong heading to get people click on your post. People will definitely click on your post link. But After finding a fake post they will never visit any post from your account. So take care of only this thing.

3) Make Good Friends

Of course, we are using social media as main intention to make friends. But some people also use it for their profession like us. We use social media to drive traffic to our blog. But we have to use it like our personal and make feel your followers and friends like your family.

You must also post some different and good things which must be not related to your profession on your social media. So that people will like you as a good social media users. But do not post any controversial topic due which you will lose your friends and followers.

You should also reply to any comment by any user. Rather than a question is good or not this will make a good communication medium between you and your follower.

4) Make Good & Healthy Community

If you are using social media as a platform to drive traffic to your blog or to make your brand more popular. Then you must have to create a good & healthy community. So that this community will help you to grow on the internet.

For that, you must have friends and followers which should be interested in your blog niche. Otherwise, this will be a one sided response. You should be a part of a community is also interested in that field or niche. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc.

These are the best option for finding someone who is related to your interest? If you are interested in SEO type of niche then you can follow me on facebook, twitter, Quora for more interesting topics.

5) Smartly Use Keywords & Symbols

You can use social media to drive traffic to your blog or website. But to start with a new social media account and being popular is not so easy. For that, you must do smart work rather than doing a donkey work.

Every time when you suppose to publish any post you make sure that you had used smart keywords or symbols. The question arises that What are smart keywords & symbols. To explain this let’s take an example.

You have visited a wordpress event which is about  technical SEO of website. Then you think you should share this visit with your friends and followers. You write a post like below,

I have visited event of wordpress #TechnicalSEO.

In the above statement (#) is smart symbole and (TechnicalSEO) smart keyword.

Now lets the benefit of using these smart keyword & symbols in your post. Let’s assume that someone also searching for information related to that event. He/She can come across you or will know about you and your website.

What is Conclusion To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic

Now one of the important part of this post. I am clearly saying that use of social media will not directly give an impact to your website. Because when we share any link to social media it is a no-follow link which does not give any vote trustability.

But social media is also a part of off-page SEO. So we can’t ignore it. I am also saying that it will not help directly but it can help in an indirect way. You can think many bloggers spend much time on social media engagement so that they will become popular as soon as possible.

You have a good social media strategy which I have given above. If you like this post then share this post with your other blogger friends so that they will also learn about it. If you have any doubt then you can ask me that doubt in the comment section.



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