WhatsApp Law In India

WhatsApp Law In India: Things On WhatsApp Can Send You To Jail.

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Well, we all know that WhatsApp is a very popular online instant messaging application for both Android as well as for iOS. But We have also too many cons of using it. Nowadays it has become one of the most popular platform for spreading rumours and misleading contents. So in this article, We will discuss the WhatsApp law in India.

WhatsApp Law In India

WhatsApp Law In India

Due to many reasons now there are many constitutional sections on WhatsApp. Earlier when WhatsApp was launched in India there is no such type of problems like riots, killing, etc. But in the past few months due to WhatsApp fake news, many people lost their lives.

If you have heard news of riots in the past months on the topic of religious content then that was an issue of WhatsApp. Now it becomes important for you to understand the real use of WhatsApp. That’s why in this article, We will discuss all the laws of WhatsApp and what will happen you break it?

WhatsApp Cyber Law

In this section, we will get know what are the criminal activities are running on WhatsApp? As per reports, WhatsApp is badly used for criminal activities such as selling drugs, sending or receiving MMS, etc. The things which are totally banned can be run on WhatsApp easily due to end to end Encryption feature.

But it is your myth that no one can read your messages, WhatsApp collects metadata of every user which company can share with Policy or other agencies on their request. This is now WhatsApp law in India.

Police can assess your contact and also all the data which have listed in the terms & condition section of WhatsApp. So don’t ever think that you can hide from police or other agencies. WhatsApp law in India includes many sections depending on the type of crime in which most of the crime till now have the punishment of Jail only.

Things Not To Do On WhatsApp

As per WhatsApp law in India there are many things now become a crime which was not in past time. It might happen that you have done these things in your past. But I will recommend you to not practice these things in future. Because it can send you in jail. Here is a list with explanation.

Promotion and Indulging in body or organ trade and Prostitution On WhatsApp: If you found to be guilty then absolutely you will be in the jail.

Admin of WhatsApp Group can an for misbehaviour with other members: If you found guilty, if you have done any kind of misbehaviour with other members of a group like ragging, trolling, etc. You will be in jail. This is also comes under WhatsApp Law In India.

Harassing Women On WhatsApp: If you are harassing any lady of girl on WhatsApp it can cost you lot. Because it has also strickt rules and regulations.

Spreading Morphed Photos of Important Personalities: It might happen that you have done this thing in past? If you have done nothing to worry about it. But take a precaution that you won’t do it again. The personalities include like Prime Minister, President and any other political personality. This rule is also valid for other personality but in the case of politicians, it becomes very dangerous. Now this is also a WhatsApp law in India.

Running a WhatsApp Account Using Someone Else’s Name: It is totally against the privacy of someones. You can misuse the name of that person which can hurt him personally as well as economically. So it’s better to not do this crime.

Spreading Fake News or Rumours on Sensitive Topics: As I said above fake news and rumours can be petrol for fire and if you are spreading that petrol then you will be guilty of that crime. So please don’t spread fake news because it can take away someone’s life.

Sharing Hate Messages Related to Any Religion or Worship: We know in this world people are very concern related to their religion. So if you share anything which hurt them can be a reason for huge riots. This is newly introduced WhatsApp Law In India.

Selling Banned Items On WhatsApp: As I said above many people are selling items such as drugs, weapons on WhatsApp which is completely illegal if you found to be guilty trust me punishment is not only jail it is more than jail.

Sharing Video Clips which are illegal: It’s illegal to share video’s like MMS, any kind of videos which are filmed illegally. You can be sent into jail for this.

These are the laws which has been added by Government Of India or you can say WhatsApp Law in India. Please share this article with your friends so that they will get know about new laws related to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Cyber Law.

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