whatsapp new features 2018

WhatsApp New Features 2018

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WhatsApp is instant messaging Android and iOS application. WhatsApp always introduces something new update so that people love this application. In 2018 there are many awesome new updates WhatsApp has gotten. In this article, I’ll talk about new features which are coming in WhatsApp. Also, We’ll talk about “all updates or WhatsApp new features 2018”.

whatsapp new features 2018

WhatsApp New Features 2018

Every application owner or app developer wants that the people who install his/her application must be retained for a lifetime on his/her app. But as the world changing so fast, the trust of people regarding technology has been increasing.

There are many historical updates which no one has thought that WhatsApp will get? But in this year 2018 WhatsApp has gotten so many extraordinary features. In this article, we’ll see those WhatsApp new features 2018.

We know that WhatsApp has added new features like Video Calling, WhatsApp Stories or WhatsApp Status, etc. But these are not only the biggest updates of WhatsApp but also so many new features will be coming in WhatsApp.

Let’s start with the list of features which WhatsApp will be going to get in 2018. Below is a list of all those features which WhatsApp has already gotten till now. We’ll only see about future updates of WhatsApp in this article

3 Awesome WhatsApp New Features 2018

WhatsApp new features 2018 are so amazing as compared to the other years. Now let’s see the other 3 new amazing updates of WhatsApp. WhatsApp awesome new features 2018 consist of Voice Lock, Change Background Screen, New Update of Video calling.

1) Voice Lock:

Now, What is voice lock in WhatsApp? Then let me you on WhatsApp we can send our voice messages to our crony and other family members. They can hear you after downloading that audio. But if someone else is using WhatsApp of your crony then they can listen what audio you have sent to them.

But after this new update, you can lock your voice. You just send your voice message to your crony he/she will listen to it. After then you’ll be able to lock that message. That means no other one can listen to your voice. This update is for your privacy purpose.

2) Change Background:

This update is going to be amazing only for those users who want to change the background colour of their WhatsApp. And want to update new colour according to his/her choice. This can be very good update if WhatsApp provides us with a very cool type of other backgrounds.

This is very awesome among the new features of WhatsApp new features 2018.

3) Video Calling:

The last and another amazing update will be is related to video calling. I know WhatsApp has already added video calling feature. But if you notice the quality of calling is not so good as we want. So WhatsApp will update its app in order to enable people for quality video calling feature.

I think this is a very amazing feature among the WhatsApp new features 2018. If you like this article then share this article with your friends and family.

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