Xiaomi Launch It’s Own Smartphone Chip

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Xiaomi Launch It’s Own Smartphone Chip

Xiaomi becomes the 4 company to make its own SoC(System on chip). This Company Launches its own smartphone chip. It was rumored that Xiaomi will make its own smartphone chip for its smartphone. And today it becomes true in October 2014 Xiaomi was working on this chip. This new chip is known as S1 Surge. This Chip will first come in Mi 5c. The total specification of this new SoC you can read below and think about it. Is it good or best SoC of Xiaomi?

The Specification Of This New SoC

The Surge S1 is not a great innovation of Xiaomi. We can say that the specification of this new chip is almost equal to Snapdragon 625 chip. Although Surge S1 is a 64-bit octa-core chip. Its maximum frequency is 2.2 GHz or says that the maximum frequency of the processor is 2.2 GHz. The graphics used in it is the architecture of Mali. The GPU( Graphics Processing Unit) is of Mali-T680. The GPU of SoC shows that it is not a great innovation done by Xiaomi.

The Details About CPU: In this chip, there are 8 core 4×A53 cores will work on frequency speed of 2.2 GHz. The other 4×A53 cores will work on frequency speed of 1.4 GHz.

About GPU: The GPU is an architecture of Mali. The cores of GPU are 4 i.e, Quad-core GPU it is high-performance GPU and improves in power efficiency.

About Baseband:  The baseband used in it is Upgradable OTA baseband

These are the features of the new SoC of Xiaomi launches. This new chip you will first see in Xiaomi smartphone Mi  5c. According to features of this new chip, it resembles to chip of Snapdragon 625 in a case of GPU. Security of this chip is good. The security of this chip TEE architecture and strict compliance with safety regulations.

Now give me your feedback about this SoC of Xiaomi. Will You think that it rocks in the market?




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