Xiaomi Mi 6 Specification Leaked Online

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Xiaomi Mi 6 Specification Leaked Online

The smartphone making company of china i.e, Xiaomi who produce smartphones. This company always launch 4 to 5 smartphone in the year. In this China will also launch a smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6. In the previous year, Mi 5 had launched and it was a big success of Xiaomi. This year now Xiaomi will launch Mi 6. But before launch, some of the specification has leaked online.

Specification of Mi 6

The biggest leak is that Xiaomi Mi 6 will come in two variant and the display of the smartphone also curved at the edges like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge.

  • Display size: This Xiaomi Mi 6 will have the 5.2-inch display.
  • Resolutions: This smartphone will have 1920×1080 pixels resolution i.e, Full HD and it is also curved at the edges. This is the specification of the first variant and the second variant will come with Quad HD i.e, 2560×1440 pixels
  • Operating System: This obvious that these both smartphone will run on Android 7.0 i.e, Nougat. It can also happen that it will run on Android 7.1.2.
  • Processor: There are rumors that the both the smartphone will support Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. If it supports Snapdragon 821 then it will give an excellent performance.
  • RAM: The both the smartphone will have 4 GB of RAM it is also a rumor.
  • Storage: The storage of the smartphones will be different the higher variant will have 64 GB internal storage and the lower variant will have 32 GB internal storage in it. In both the smartphone you can expand storage.
  • Camera: The camera of this smartphone will be 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The rear camera will come with autofocus.

All specifications are based on the rumors and it is not officially unveiled by Xiaomi and its official website. The price of this smartphone is also not declared. But it is confirmed that both the smartphone will have different prices due to their different specifications.

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